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Fishing High Water

04/16/14 at 04:00 PM | by Vince Puzick

What’s a fly fisher to do during higher flows and off-color water?  Stay home?  Do yard work?  But wait — fly fishing just can’t come to a stop, right?  I had the chance to talk with our Guides to answer that very question.  Steve Gossage, one of our Guides, says “No, fishing does not stop in off color water. Sometimes it can be a blessing.”

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Video: What Would Hank Do? Episode IV, Pebble Mine Edition

04/16/14 at 02:40 PM | by David Leinweber

America’s most beloved fly-fishing guide has some rather strong and. . .um. . .unique opinions about the proposed Pebble Mine. As you might expect, he’s not shy about sharing them

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Steve Gossage Interviewed: The Ark is Gold

04/14/14 at 07:57 PM | by Vince Puzick

As you probably know, 102 miles of the Arkansas River were designated as Gold Medal Waters at the beginning of the year.  Listen to an interview with Angler's Covey's Product Manager and Guide, Steve Gossage.  The Ark has had a long road to recovery.  Welcome back!

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My Montana Adventure

04/11/14 at 04:20 PM | by Becky Leinweber

The annual Orvis Guide Rendezvous occurs every April and it's been a Number of years since I last attended, so I really looked forward to the trip. Even more...

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The Orvis Guide Rendezvous 2014

04/11/14 at 02:00 PM | by Becky Leinweber

Every year about this time, Orvis hosts fly fishing guides from across the country at their annual Orvis Guide Rendezvous. This year was open to all and it was their biggest event ever...

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Just Say Baetis

04/07/14 at 07:26 AM | by Vince Puzick

The Ark. Deckers. Elevenmile Canyon. What do these great fisheries have in common right now?

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Yoga and Fly Fishing: A Natural Combination

04/05/14 at 06:30 AM | by Vince Puzick

About a year ago, I had a fantastic opportunity of taking a yoga class from a Tibetan monk.  He led us through a series of poses, cracked some jokes (he really did have a great sense of humor), and taught us to be aware of our breathing as he put us through this workout.  I had to swallow my pride quite often in the 90 minutes with him.  I lost my balance, couldn't quite hold the pose correctly, and found myself holding my breath rather than letting it flow.  And since that time, I have practiced those poses on an almost daily basis ... and it has improved my fly fishing experience. 

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Guide Lines: Talking with Karbo

03/23/14 at 12:30 PM | by Vince Puzick

At the end of the day, “I’ve never see a person fight a fish without having a smile on his face.”

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Walleye on the fly? Brush Hollow Reservoir here we come!

03/19/14 at 09:25 PM | by Becky Leinweber

Last Saturday night, some of the Angler's Covey family were planning on heading out to Brush Hollow Reservoir to try our hand at fly fishing for walleye, with the guidance of Colorado Tackle Pro's Chris and Travis. Let the adventures begin!

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Helios 2 - NEW video!

03/13/14 at 04:09 PM | by David Leinweber

The Helios 2 is a featherlight war club that defies the laws of physics and has the backbone of an I-beam. Lighter in hand and 20% stronger than any rod

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Bear Creek Watershed Restoration Project FAQ's

03/11/14 at 06:10 PM | by David Leinweber

Here's a list of frequently asked questions derived from the February 25th Open House meeting on the Bear Creek Watershed.

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Buying US-Made Fly fishing Gear Helps US Fisheries

03/05/14 at 05:37 PM | by David Leinweber

The hidden engine behind our fish and wildlife management is this 10% tax. It has brought species like white tail deer and turkey back from the brink and puts fish on your fly regularly. I know taxes are a hot button subject, and I’m not looking to start a political debate ...

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Grow Your Fly Fishing Experience

03/02/14 at 06:29 AM | by Vince Puzick

Although there was no explicit theme for Saturday’s Colorado Springs Fishing Show, one theme did emerge through the day: grow your fly fishing experience. From Kirk Deeter’s presentation at 9:30 in the morning to the Guide’s talk that ended the day, the idea of branching out and taking on different angling challenges was a recurring thread.

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A Colorado Guide's Perspective: What Makes a Great Trip?

02/27/14 at 06:00 AM | by Vince Puzick

Some of Angler's guides will be providing a regional fishing update with time for questions and answers at 2:oo on March 1 at the Colorado Springs Fishing Show. Come on out and meet our Guides! In the meantime, read what they have to say about what makes for a great guide experience -- from the guide's perspective.

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Kirk Deeter: Presenting at Colorado Springs Fishing Show

02/24/14 at 03:30 PM | by Vince Puzick

When I grow up, I want to be Kirk Deeter. As an editor-at-large for Field & Stream magazine, Kirk Deeter gets paid to travel all over the world, catch fish, and write stories about those experiences. Wherever he goes, the number one question he gets is: "Of all the places you've visited and written about, what is your favorite?” The answer he gives is always the same: "I live where I live (in Colorado) for a reason.” Kirk will be presenting at 9:30 at the Colorado Springs Fishing Show (doors open at 9:00!) this Saturday, March 1, at Angler’s Covey.

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Backcountry Angling Essential

02/21/14 at 03:11 AM | by David Leinweber

For the past five years I have been on a long journey to find the perfect wading boot. Like most backcountry anglers, I desire a boot that I can hike five miles in and give me the traction required

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Thank You: The Fly Fishing Film Tour

02/14/14 at 06:00 AM | by Vince Puzick

Fly fishing is a sport that can be a solitary pursuit or enjoyed with a couple of friends out on the river. But there is also power in numbers, especially when a community of fishers comes together for a common cause. And that was the case at the Fly Fishing Film Tour last Friday night.

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Truly Healing Waters

02/06/14 at 01:13 PM

The sentiment Vince shared resonated with me. The fact that I am fully "in the moment" when I fish is definitely part of what draws me to the sport. And I also see why...

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Into the Landscape

02/04/14 at 06:09 AM | by Vince Puzick

In his book Crazy for Rivers, Bill Barich writes "I liked the wild, beautiful country where trout are often found, the solitude of walking along a river and being drawn more completely into the landscape, and how the sound of a fast-flowing stream could wash away my blues."

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1,000 Miles Campaign

01/30/14 at 04:12 PM

Our business depends on our natural resources such as fish populations, fishing access, and overall growth of our sport; therefore, products that we carry in our shop and you use in your fly fishing passion become important...

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What's the Evolution?

01/28/14 at 06:00 AM | by Vince Puzick

One of the films featured on the upcoming Fly Fishing Film Tour is called A Kinetic Loop / A Celebration of Fly Fishing Past and Present. Where have we come in the sport? How can we celebrate the past, be in the present, and dream for the future? If you’re interested in the evolution of the sport, this film may be for you! Read more and watch the trailer here. 

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Help us protect the Ark!

01/17/14 at 08:05 PM

Browns Canyon, a section of the Arkansas River, needs our help. Miners have been allowed to mine within Browns Canyon, raising concerns and highlighting the need for greater protection. Join us in petitioning Congressman Doug Lamborn to support  Senator Mark Udall's legislation to designate Browns Canyon as a National Monument. 

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Fly Tying 101: One Man's Experience

01/11/14 at 02:23 PM | by Vince Puzick

On the fence about taking a fly tying class? Here's one man's experience from the first time at the vise to having a variety of flies to cast to unsuspecting fish.

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The Arkansas River: Gold Medal Water

01/10/14 at 02:38 PM | by Vince Puzick

One of Colorado’s most renown fisheries just received a great distinction. The upper Arkansas River was added to the list of Gold Medal Trout Waters in Colorado. The 102 miles from the Lake Fork near Leadville to Parkdale at the Highway 50 bridge crossing is the longest stretch of Gold Medal Water in the state.

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Flats of the High Desert

01/07/14 at 11:50 AM

Here is something to warm you up from our friends Greg Pearson and Sam Spillane.

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