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Stillwater Specialist Kenny Romero's Spinney Res Update

05/23/15 at 06:23 AM | by Vince Puzick

The early season ice-off action for hungry rainbows from the shore at Spinney Mountain Reservoir was good, but nothing compared to the action now! As the water temperature has risen and bug activity has increased, the stillwater fishing success at Spinney has really taken off. High flows due to run-off? Stillwater fly fishing gives anglers a great opportunity to hook into some great fish!

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High Flows and the Magic of the Stonefly

05/21/15 at 06:13 AM | by Vince Puzick

Flows are up and will be rising more in the next few weeks. What’s an angler to do? Saturday, at the Covey’s Learn to Fly Fish Day, I was able to talk with a couple of guides about what fly patterns are their go-to flies and what they do with them in the higher, faster flows. One word: Stoneflies.

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Meet Justin Brenner: Colorado Born & A Covey Guide

05/17/15 at 06:01 AM | by Vince Puzick

Justin Brenner was supposed to be born in a hospital in Englewood, Colorado. His mother, along with Mother Nature, had different plans. Because of a snowstorm that prevented his mom and dad to get back to Denver, Justin was born in Alma, Colorado. No wonder that he has Colorado mountains in his blood.

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Thanks Steve

05/08/15 at 08:10 PM | by David Leinweber

Ten years ago Steve Gossage joined the ranks at Angler's Covey and soon became my right hand man. His strength was something I could lean on with the stress of running a small business...

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Class Close-up: Aquatic Entomology

04/29/15 at 10:30 AM | by Vince Puzick

Other than building up your knowledge base, deepening your understanding of bug life, and dramatically increasing your productivity on the river (i.e. catch more fish), why would you even consider taking a class on aquatic entomology and fly selection? The Bug Guy, Robert Younghanz, offers a few good reasons.

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Product Review: Simms Rivertek 2 Boa®

04/29/15 at 07:20 AM | by Vince Puzick

These boots are made for wading! I broke in my new Simms RiverTek™ 2 Boa® wading boots last week on the Arkansas River during a great caddis hatch. The boots feel great -- they're lightweight, the StreamTread™ is "grippy" enough, and the Boa cable system makes for an efficient and secure fit.

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Caddis Hatch is Happening NOW

04/24/15 at 05:57 AM | by Vince Puzick

If you’re literally waiting for Mother’s Day to fish the Mother’s Day caddis hatch on the Arkansas River, you should go ahead and make other plans. Make those brunch reservations to spend time with the woman that brought you into this world. My point? Do not wait! The hatch is happening now – as in, right now. Go!

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Michael McMillan: Passion and Stewardship

04/21/15 at 06:14 AM | by Vince Puzick

Michael McMillan brings two main qualities to work every day as a new member of the Angler’s Covey staff: passion for the outdoors and enthusiasm to help others enjoy their experiences in all of what Colorado has to offer.

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Hell NO!

04/16/15 at 07:27 AM | by David Leinweber

Have you been paying attention?

There seems to be a subtle push from political leaders to possibly gain the largest land grab in history. Are you prepared, as fly fishing anglers, to pay rod fees to land owners to have access to our local streams, rivers, and lakes?

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Cody and Jackie: The Honeymoon's Not Over

04/15/15 at 06:06 AM | by Vince Puzick

Cody Ensanian and his wife, Jackie, decided to travel to Colorado for their honeymoon in June 2014. They chose Colorado Springs as a base camp, so to speak, for hiking, camping, and fly fishing adventures. Who knew that by September they would be making Colorado Springs their home and, a few short months later, Cody would be one of the new staff members at Angler’s Covey and Pikes Peak Outfitters?

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Spinney Opens THIS Friday, April 10th at 6:01 AM!

04/07/15 at 09:05 PM | by Becky Leinweber

That's right, folks! Spinney officially opens this Friday! Do you feel a scratchy throat coming on? A cough and sneeze and the need for a "sick day"? If you've never been to opening day at Spinney, then this is your year! These fish haven't seen a fly or lure since November and are hungry and eager! It can be a busy time with many fellow fishermen, but the payoff is rewarding and the camaraderie can be fun.

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Class Close-up: 301 In-Depth Nymphing

04/07/15 at 09:00 PM | by Vince Puzick

90% of a trout’s diet comes from food sources below the surface. 90%. Sure, that 10% of the diet on the surface can be more exciting – there’s nothing like the sight of a fish hitting your caddis or BWO. But there is something to be said for feeling that strike under the surface and the fight begins. If you want to increase your chances of hooking up with more fish – and often times much bigger fish – then consider taking our streamside 301 Nymphing Class this Saturday, April 11.

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Class Close-Up: Aquatic Entomology and Fly Selection

04/06/15 at 05:36 AM | by Vince Puzick

Match the Hatch. We hear the phrase often enough but when we are just starting out, we may underestimate just how important this skill is. We focus so much on the adult flies on the surface, we may miss all that is happening deeper in the river. Robert Younghanz’s classes, Aquatic Entomology and Fly Selection, are aimed at taking us under the surface to learn about the trout’s food source.

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Get to Know Steven Armijo

03/31/15 at 09:03 AM | by Vince Puzick

Spend a few minutes chatting with Steven Armijo, one of the new staff members at Angler’s Covey, and you quickly learn some of the qualities that make up this young man. He values family, respecting nature, and connecting with people (even though he also loves his solo trips to get up to some brookies in the high alpine lakes).

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Match the ... Hatch Chart

03/27/15 at 08:15 PM | by Vince Puzick

One of the questions posed at CMCTU’s monthly membership meeting concerned stream reports — how often are they updated? How reliable are they? The responses from the Angler’s staff and guides raised some interesting points — which really came down to growing as a fly fisher.

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Flows Fluctuate at Pueblo Tailwaters

03/27/15 at 09:49 AM | by Vince Puzick
        1. If you have watched the flows on the Arkansas River tailwaters below Pueblo Reservoir, you have seen some fluctuation over the last month and some high numbers. The reason for the high volume of water flowing out of Pueblo: get more water to John Martin Reservoir.
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Browns Canyon to Boathouse Cantina: Colorado Springtime

03/24/15 at 08:00 PM | by Vince Puzick

The first days of spring in Colorado mean that you can ski one day and fish the next. Or even ski in the morning and fish in the afternoon. One of my favorite destinations for this "Colorado combination" is up around Salida where I skied Monarch on Sunday and fished the Arkansas on Monday in temperatures that were topping off around 63 degrees. I'll spare the details of my trips down greens and blues and just share the story of my browns.

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Dream Stream Fly Fishing: Being Willing to Just Keep Walking (Mind set for a big fish)

03/24/15 at 06:16 AM | by Becky Leinweber

Sometimes a man has to just keep walking. Such was the case when I found myself on the "Dream Stream" section of the South Platte River in South Park. I had to keep walking along the meanders on down toward 11 mile reservoir looking for a hole or run to fish in between the crowds. I carried 2 rods rigged and ready, in case I found an opening; in case I spotted a big fish. However, I never saw a big fish. I never found a good run. With the Platte flowing at a trickle of 50 cfs. I simply could not find good holding water that was not already occupied. Fly fishers were holding tight to whatever water they could find and were not budging.

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Class Close-up: Fishing Cheesman Canyon

03/20/15 at 05:02 PM | by Vince Puzick

Have you ever wanted to learn to fish Cheesman Canyon from a local expert?

Jon Easdon, one of our senior guides, will be teaching anglers the techniques and strategies for fishing Cheesman Canyon on Saturday, May 9th.

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Spring Pilgrimage: Fly Fishing the Shoshone and Bighorn Rivers

03/18/15 at 12:55 PM | by David Leinweber

It’s become a spring tradition to head north for a fly fishing trip in some of my favorite country in the west. My son Chris and I have fished the Bighorn near Fort Smith, Montana in late April for several years now. This trip usually includes some good friends but on occasion finds us sharing time alone together on what is truly one of North America’s best Trout streams.

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Exclusive Interview: Hank Patterson

03/16/15 at 11:33 AM | by Vince Puzick

“I tell people that it's Norman Maclean who invented fly fishing,” Hank Patterson says about half way through our interview. And what do you do when you hold somebody in such high regard? You make a pilgrimage to his home waters. You film the pilgrimage. And you call the film “Hank Patterson’s Reel Montana Adventure.”

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Handle With Care: Fish Survival

03/12/15 at 08:20 PM | by Vince Puzick

It's a topic written about quite often, but probably can't be written about too much: proper ways to release the fish and increase its chance of survival. Josh Nehring, aquatic biologist with Colorado Parks and Wildlife, took a few minutes at the Colorado Springs Fly Fishing Show on Saturday, to share some crucial tips with me.

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Sportsmen to Congress: Support sound planning processes on public lands

03/05/15 at 04:45 PM | by David Leinweber

Washington D.C. -- Sportsmen are urging Congress to fund work that creates roadmaps for responsible energy development on public lands.

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Denver Rally Unites Sportsmen Against Transfer, Sale of Public Lands

03/03/15 at 03:05 PM | by David Leinweber

Sportsmen and -women from across Colorado converged on the steps of the Colorado State Capitol this afternoon to protest efforts by members of the Colorado legislature to take control of federally managed public lands located within the state's borders.

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Keep Public Lands in Public Hands

02/21/15 at 04:00 PM | by David Leinweber

The places where we hunt and fish are under attack from legislative efforts to transfer ownership of Colorado’s public lands to the state and private players. This change in ownership would mean more than just a new name on paperwork but a fundamental shift in our Western way of life.

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