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Match the ... Hatch Chart

03/27/15 at 08:15 PM | by Vince Puzick

One of the questions posed at CMCTU’s monthly membership meeting concerned stream reports — how often are they updated? How reliable are they? The responses from the Angler’s staff and guides raised some interesting points — which really came down to growing as a fly fisher.

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Flows Fluctuate at Pueblo Tailwaters

03/27/15 at 09:49 AM | by Vince Puzick
        1. If you have watched the flows on the Arkansas River tailwaters below Pueblo Reservoir, you have seen some fluctuation over the last month and some high numbers. The reason for the high volume of water flowing out of Pueblo: get more water to John Martin Reservoir.
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Browns Canyon to Boathouse Cantina: Colorado Springtime

03/24/15 at 08:00 PM | by Vince Puzick

The first days of spring in Colorado mean that you can ski one day and fish the next. Or even ski in the morning and fish in the afternoon. One of my favorite destinations for this "Colorado combination" is up around Salida where I skied Monarch on Sunday and fished the Arkansas on Monday in temperatures that were topping off around 63 degrees. I'll spare the details of my trips down greens and blues and just share the story of my browns.

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Dream Stream Fly Fishing: Being Willing to Just Keep Walking (Mind set for a big fish)

03/24/15 at 06:16 AM | by Becky Leinweber

Sometimes a man has to just keep walking. Such was the case when I found myself on the "Dream Stream" section of the South Platte River in South Park. I had to keep walking along the meanders on down toward 11 mile reservoir looking for a hole or run to fish in between the crowds. I carried 2 rods rigged and ready, in case I found an opening; in case I spotted a big fish. However, I never saw a big fish. I never found a good run. With the Platte flowing at a trickle of 50 cfs. I simply could not find good holding water that was not already occupied. Fly fishers were holding tight to whatever water they could find and were not budging.

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Class Close-up: Fishing Cheesman Canyon

03/20/15 at 05:02 PM | by Vince Puzick

Have you ever wanted to learn to fish Cheesman Canyon from a local expert?

Jon Easdon, one of our senior guides, will be teaching anglers the techniques and strategies for fishing Cheesman Canyon on Saturday, May 9th.

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Spring Pilgrimage: Fly Fishing the Shoshone and Bighorn Rivers

03/18/15 at 12:55 PM | by David Leinweber

It’s become a spring tradition to head north for a fly fishing trip in some of my favorite country in the west. My son Chris and I have fished the Bighorn near Fort Smith, Montana in late April for several years now. This trip usually includes some good friends but on occasion finds us sharing time alone together on what is truly one of North America’s best Trout streams.

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Exclusive Interview: Hank Patterson

03/16/15 at 11:33 AM | by Vince Puzick

“I tell people that it's Norman Maclean who invented fly fishing,” Hank Patterson says about half way through our interview. And what do you do when you hold somebody in such high regard? You make a pilgrimage to his home waters. You film the pilgrimage. And you call the film “Hank Patterson’s Reel Montana Adventure.”

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Handle With Care: Fish Survival

03/12/15 at 08:20 PM | by Vince Puzick

It's a topic written about quite often, but probably can't be written about too much: proper ways to release the fish and increase its chance of survival. Josh Nehring, aquatic biologist with Colorado Parks and Wildlife, took a few minutes at the Colorado Springs Fly Fishing Show on Saturday, to share some crucial tips with me.

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Sportsmen to Congress: Support sound planning processes on public lands

03/05/15 at 04:45 PM | by David Leinweber

Washington D.C. -- Sportsmen are urging Congress to fund work that creates roadmaps for responsible energy development on public lands.

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Denver Rally Unites Sportsmen Against Transfer, Sale of Public Lands

03/03/15 at 03:05 PM | by David Leinweber

Sportsmen and -women from across Colorado converged on the steps of the Colorado State Capitol this afternoon to protest efforts by members of the Colorado legislature to take control of federally managed public lands located within the state's borders.

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Keep Public Lands in Public Hands

02/21/15 at 04:00 PM | by David Leinweber

The places where we hunt and fish are under attack from legislative efforts to transfer ownership of Colorado’s public lands to the state and private players. This change in ownership would mean more than just a new name on paperwork but a fundamental shift in our Western way of life.

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A Brief Story of the Middle Fork of the Salmon River

02/19/15 at 06:37 PM | by Vince Puzick

The Cheyenne Mountain Chapter of Trout Unlimited welcomes Willi Cannell, Owner & Outfitter from Solitude River Trips in Ketchum, Idaho as guest presenter for the February Membership Meeting. Willi will be presenting "A Brief Story of the Middle Fork of the Salmon River" on Tuesday, February 24th.

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The Wilkerson Pass Visitor Center Closed

02/13/15 at 09:32 AM | by David Leinweber

The U.S. Forest Service Pike National Forest-South Park Ranger District said Thursday that is temporarily closing all facilities at a popular rest stop for travelers on U.S. Highway 24.

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More Than Films

02/06/15 at 06:02 PM | by Vince Puzick

For three hours, the fly fishing community in the Pikes Peak region came together to watch a handful of films that capture the adventure of fly fishing. The night devoted to the Fly Fishing Film Tour, with all proceeds going to Project Healing Waters, is not just about the films, though.

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Meet Earl Hecker -- Angler's Newest Guide

01/24/15 at 07:07 AM | by Vince Puzick

Over breakfast the other day, Earl Hecker, our newest guide at Angler’s Covey, interwove three words into our conversation that revealed how he approaches this adventure called fly fishing: intuitive, instinctual, and innovative. This soft-spoken 33-year old guide, husband and father, and veteran of the Iraq war is a life-long learner in this sport.

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Starting the New Year in Comfort

01/15/15 at 07:14 PM | by Rachel Leinweber

When I realized I had once again misplaced any gloves I could use for my New Year's Day fishing trip, I panicked a little. Fifteen degree weather turns this girl into a wimp.

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Antero Reservoir to be drained, but possibly for only a year

01/08/15 at 09:36 AM | by David Leinweber

Denver's water utility will drain Antero Reservoir next summer for construction to rehabilitate the century-old dam. Denver Water said Wednesday the date for beginning the draw-down hasn't been set.

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01/07/15 at 04:45 PM | by Vince Puzick

In the not-too distant past, when I was just learning this adventure of fly fishing, I remember hearing and reading that good fly fishers "anticipate the strike." While I knew what they meant, I didn't understand what they meant. I think I understand now.

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The People You Meet ...

12/29/14 at 03:11 AM | by Vince Puzick

I had a chance to have breakfast with one of our new Guides, Earl Hecker, the other morning. (I'll have a "meet our new guide" blog in a few days.) He had a great story about his first fly fishing experience in Colorado that I wanted to share.

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Go with the Flow: Reflections on 2014

12/27/14 at 07:40 PM | by Vince Puzick

As we make our last cast of 2014, it’s a good time to take a look back at some of the milestones and memories that the year netted. So, in no particular order, here is Fly Fishing Reflection 2014.

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A Fishing Tale

12/24/14 at 04:15 PM | by Vince Puzick

‘Twas the night before Christmas; Santa needed a break Work had been non- stop and there was lots at stake. As he flew over the South Platte he knew it was fate --

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Winter Tips from Kenny Romero

12/23/14 at 08:35 PM | by Vince Puzick

Are you one of the many fly anglers who doesn’t think much about fly fishing after Labor Day? Many fly fishers who enjoy the other three seasons fly fishing in Colorado often neglect fly fishing in the winter for the obvious reason: it’s cold! But did you know some of the best fly fishing can happen during the winter months?

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Our Public Lands - NOT FOR SALE

11/19/14 at 06:15 PM | by David Leinweber

Without public lands, fly fishing as you know it would come to an end. Without people fishing, my business, Angler’s Covey, would not exist. Without businesses like mine, that depend on outdoor recreation, 646 billion dollars would be absent from the national economy. Beware: The sale of all public land is viewed by some politicians as good policy.

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Why tie?

11/10/14 at 02:30 PM | by Vince Puzick

So maybe you’re like me. You’ve been fly fishing for a little while now. “Match the hatch” is not just a catchy phrase --you’ve gotten better at picking the right bug out of your fly box when you're fishing the South Platte or the Ark. You’ve even been known to say “oh, there’s a little hatch goin’ on” when you spot some bugs in the air at the family BBQ in your brother-in-law's backyard on the west side of town. And here you are, at the precipice, ready to tackle tying your own flies. So, what’s the motivation to take that step?

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Vote Early! Angler's Covey -- 2014's Best Fly Shop

10/28/14 at 07:11 AM | by Vince Puzick

My Fellow Fly Fishers and Citizens. OK, maybe it's not that formal of an election. But Gink & Gasoline is having a vote for the best fly fishing shop in all of the land. We would love your support! Why do we feel we've earned your vote? Let me count the ways ...

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