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Boy Scout Merit

09/24/14 at 09:30 PM | by David Leinweber

If you came by the store last Saturday, you couldn't help but notice our packed parking lot and a whole bunch of boys running around.

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Seeing Redd

09/10/14 at 03:13 PM | by Vince Puzick

It’s just about time for autumn's great colors, and I’m seeing redd. Fall in Colorado means spawning brown trout — and it means a new conviction to treat the fish right. This issue is just black and white: stay off the redds.

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Coming Together for a Cause

09/08/14 at 07:32 PM | by Vince Puzick

Sometimes community means coming together for somebody you have never met. Dave Bryzcki, cousin of Angler’s guide and staff member Scott Tarrant, is facing the challenge of his life. Dave experienced what avid outdoorsmen and women face when they head into the backcountry: an encounter that nearly cost him his life. And we’re holding a drawing for a full-day guide trip to help raise funds to support the financial challenge that Dave and his wife, Lisa, will face.

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Beavers: Friend or Foe?

09/04/14 at 03:46 AM | by Vince Puzick

One of my favorite places to fish on the Arkansas is basically across the street from the Heart of the Rockies Regional Medical Center near Salida. We’ve had many a good evening fishing a hole that is near a large beaver lodge not far from the bridge on Highway 291. The beaver that lives there, a large fellow, has often made it clear that he doesn’t like my evening fishing. He’ll come up out of the water, slap his tail, and disappear under the water. Coincidentally, I’ll move up to do some fishing from the bank. But his presence got me thinking — what’s the impact of the beaver population on Colorado streams?

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50th Anniversary - Congratulations

09/03/14 at 03:21 PM | by David Leinweber

Perhaps you've fished for Rio Grande Cutthroat’s in the South San Juan Wilderness, or hiked the Great Sand Dunes Wilderness, or taken a canoe trip in the quiet lakes of the Boundary Waters of Minnesota. At some point

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More than Fish Porn

09/01/14 at 05:24 PM | by Vince Puzick

I have a love-hate relationship with taking fish pics. Sure, I love seeing the photos others take, and I like to capture an image of a nice catch as much as anybody. And I have some great pictures of Jannetta with some of the fish she has caught. But last week in Elevenmile Canyon, I had a different motivation when I took a picture of a fish.

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Update: Bear Creek Watershed Restoration

08/13/14 at 01:44 PM | by Vince Puzick

The Bear Creek Watershed Restoration efforts continue. The work in North Cheyenne Canyon brings together many different organizations throughout our region -- as well as the state -- to restore the trails, creeks, and wildllife in this unique ecosystem.

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Crystal Ball: What Will Late Summer & Early Fall Have In Store?

08/02/14 at 02:05 AM | by Vince Puzick

Long spring run-off. July monsoons. Flows that rose and dropped like a bad stock market. Of course, we were able to get in some good (and even great) fishing, but we never seemed to hit a good rhythm with the consistently high flows through June and July. So I asked some of our Guides and resident experts for a prediction for late summer and early fall fishing. I mean, all this water has to have some pay-off in the form of autumn fishing, right?

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Let the Fish Go

07/22/14 at 08:25 AM | by Vince Puzick

Sometimes you have to let go of the fish that you never landed. I've been haunted by a fish I had on last week while fishing the Animas.

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Meet Julie Sprinkle

07/18/14 at 08:00 AM | by Becky Leinweber

In our effort to help you know our staff, guides and instructors better, we have asked them some questions about themselves and from time to time will share these in an e-blast. This week we are profiling Juie Sprinkle, our Clothing Guru and fly fishing guide.

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If this is your season to get serious, this is your boat!

07/14/14 at 08:10 AM | by Scott Tarrant, Floor Manager

Floated the Arkansas with Dave Friday. Flows were around 1600…fishing was good! But this is not a fishing report…this is a gear review…a testimonial, nearly evangelical testimonial!

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Hang Around A Barbershop ...

07/11/14 at 02:09 AM | by Vince Puzick

An old saying goes something like this, "hang around a barbershop long enough and you're gonna get a hair cut." So true. Where we spend our time and who we talk to influences our lives. Hang around in a fly shop long enough ...

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"Look at this Wonderful Place for a Father and Daughter to Fly Fish"

07/08/14 at 03:39 PM | by David Leinweber

Eleven Mile Canyon is a wonderful place to fly fish for anyone, but it seems especially wonderful for a father and daughter trip. Yesterday, I helped out Ken and his daughter, Bonny.

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Beginner's Mind

06/27/14 at 09:30 AM | by Vince Puzick

“Be humble: In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, but in the expert’s mind there are few.”

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Meet Mark Mahler, Fly Fishing Instructor

06/24/14 at 10:25 PM | by Becky Leinweber

We asked fly fishing instructor and business owner, Mark Mahler, to share a little about himself so that you can get to know him better. Mark has been a part of the Angler's Covey family since Kent Brekke was the owner, many years ago.

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One Week, Three Adventures

06/24/14 at 07:34 AM | by Vince Puzick

The beauty of fly fishing in Colorado? In one week, you can fish a major tailwater, a deep reservoir, and a small stream. All three types of fishing offer their own unique experiences -- but isn't that what adventures are all about? Never the same experience twice!

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One Small Thing

06/18/14 at 05:46 AM | by Vince Puzick

Two things came together last night at dusk at ... well, let's just call it a "local fishery." I had the hole to myself and a nice caddis hatch hovered above the water at 7:00 p.m. I watched the fish behavior change as the caddis began flitting and flickering across the water. I also watched as my dead-drifting Elk Hair Caddis drew no interest from the browns and rainbows I saw in the pool below. I needed just one small thing ...

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Lessons Learned. Memories Made. Fathers Fishing.

06/15/14 at 05:45 AM | by Vince Puzick

Awhile back I asked my brother and sister what they remembered about fishing with our dad. Although my dad occasionally fly fished, we mainly fished with spinning rods and reels. Lessons from fishing are some sort of a universal learning, though, right? On this Father’s Day, here are some memories — and memories in the making — in recognition of fathers and fishing.

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Meet Steve Gossage

06/11/14 at 07:32 PM | by Becky Leinweber

Steve Gossage has been with the Covey for a number of years. He guides, teaches, and works in the shop. You couldn't ask for a better guy to help you pick out flies, improve your cast, or share the best places to go fly fishing. We asked Steve to share a little more about himself.

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Men of TODAY go fishing, talk fatherhood

06/10/14 at 08:34 AM | by David Leinweber

The men of the Today Show go fly fishing and reflect on fatherhood. This is a great clip to demonstrate that fishing is not always about the fish, but more about the adventure along the way.

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Meet Paul Martinez, Fly Fishing Guide and Instructor

06/04/14 at 10:23 PM | by Becky Leinweber
Paul Martinez

To help you get to know our staff, guides and instructors a bit better, we've asked them to share about themselves. This post is from Paul Martinez who guides and teaches for Angler's Covey.

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Threatened Greenbacks could become "Endangered"

05/23/14 at 10:30 AM | by David Leinweber

Sometimes you have to move slow to go fast. That’s the case with Bear Creek Watershed Restoration Project and protecting the only pure strand of Colorado Greenback Cutthroat Trout... in the world.

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A Sacred Reunion: The Colorado River Returns to the Sea

05/22/14 at 09:44 PM | by David Leinweber

After coursing through its delta for nearly eight weeks, the fresh waters of the Colorado River have touched the high tides of the salty sea.

It is the first time in sixteen years that the Colorado River has reached the Sea of Cortez its final, natural destination...

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A Winter's Day in May

05/13/14 at 09:16 PM | by Vince Puzick

By the time I crossed the line from Teller to Douglas County, I was hearing my mom’s voice in my head: “Sometimes you don’t show good judgment.” But I drove on through the slushy road as the temp dropped to 25. Then 23. Several inches of snow had fallen over the previous 24 hours. When I began my descent to Deckers, I was committed in my quest to catch a fish or two on this “winter day in May.” Mainly, I was out for the experience to say I fished during this bizarre weather.

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Good Times Back at Spinney

05/06/14 at 07:24 PM | by Vince Puzick

American Pelicans, Black Cormorants, Seagulls and fisherman have all made their yearly pilgrimage back to Spinney Mountain Reservoir. The Pelicans, numerous other birds and the fisherman will enjoy the many benefits of Spinney until mid November, when the reservoir will ice up and all species must head out to warmer climes. But until then — the good times are back at Spinney!

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