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One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish...

09/28/12 at 05:35 AM by Vince Puzick
The landscape as we have known it for the Cutthroat trout in Colorado has changed forever. A new research report, published in Molecular Ecology and released Monday, has documented through DNA sequence data six divergent clades -- a subspecies having a single common ancestor. These fish populations roughly correspond to the major drainage basins in Colorado.


Orange Fish - Rio Grande cutthroat trout - (O.c. virginalis)

Purple Fish - Greenback cutthroat trout - (O.c. stomias)

Blue Fish - Colorado cutthroat trout - (O.c. Pleuriticus)

Green Fish - Currently Un-named (formally greenback)

Yellow Fish - Yellowfin cutthroat - (O.c. macdonaldi) EXTINCT

Red Fish - Currently Un-named (San Juan River drainage) EXTINCT


This groundbreaking research raised more questions than it answered: 

  • What do we call the Green Fish? 
  • How can the Colorado Cutthroat not be from the Colorado River? 
  • What do we do with all the Green Fish in Greenback waters? 
  • So since the entire known population of Greenback in the world is in a four mile section of Bear Creek, how do we protect them?
  • Who do I get to re-caption all my fish pictures?
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