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Discover Fly Fishing

We want to help you discover fly fishing and our BEGINNER SERIES is designed to help you get started right.  Our beginner series includes:

  1. 101 Discover Fly Fishing Class
  2. Casting Classes

Fly fishing is an adventure that is both easy enough for the beginner, yet challenging enough for the seasoned veteran. It is an opportunity to escape into the outdoors and discover nature with family and friends, and sometimes it's about catching fish.

So if you have never tried fly fishing before and you are looking for some real adventure, our beginner classes are a great way to get started. We want to help you discover the adventure in fly fishing and offer many opportunities for you to get started today!


If you are past the beginner stage and want to progress or explore more in fly fishing check out our 201 and 301 classes.  Or, fast track your way to fly fishing with an instructional guide trip.


Discover Fly Fishing Class

This is our first step, your introduction to fly fishing class. If you’re getting started in fly fishing, this is the class for you!


This Discover Fly Fishing Class teaches the beginning fly fisher the differences between bait fishing and fly fishing, what to look for in rods and reels, how to select the right line, leader and fly, basic fishing knots, basic entomology, fish habits, proper catch and release techniques, and river safety. This class gives you a great overview of the sport and is the first step before progressing to our other classes.

*Women Only Discover Classes are available - see calendar for dates.



Private Lessons
Orvis Beginning Fly Fishing Book

Participants receive a FREE
book valued at $12.95 
Discover Fly Casting Class

In our Discover Fly Casting Class you will learn the basic overhead cast, roll cast, and how to load the rod, shoot line, handle the line, and manage the fish. You will learn in what conditions to use each cast and have plenty of time to practice with your rod or try out some other rods.


Cost: $40
Location: Angler's Covey
Time: Based on instructor avaiability. Call First.
Equipment: We recommend you cast your own rod, but others will be available. 
Registration is required

 Private Lessons
Streamside Class



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