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Fly Fishing Band of Brothers
Fly Fishing Band of Brothers

Do your life passions of fly fishing and a relationship with Christ intersect?

Looking for a group of guys to fellowship with on the river?

A group of men meets every Thursday night to discuss life issues and their walk with God.

Band of BrothersThis is not a Bible study; it is a fellowship of men who ask questions.

This is not a secret club.



There are no rules - just a couple of important reminders...

Love your neighbor as yourself...

There is no condemnation in Christ...


If you have questions and enjoy talking guy stuff, consider joining our group.

There is always a cold beer or pop waiting for you. We would enjoy your company.

We meet on Monday Nights at 7:00pm at Angler's Covey 

Band of Brothers 

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During Fall thru Spring

EVERYDAY 9am-6pm