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Fly fishing is a great sport for everyone to enjoy - both men AND women! But we do recognize that the majority of fly fishermen are men and sometimes women can have greater challenges in finding friends who share their passion. For that reason, we've created a local fly fishing club just for ladies: Pikes Peak Women Anglers, or PPWA for short. Whether you are new to the sport or have been fly fishing for years, come check out our group and join us on our fun fly fishing trips!


Welcome to the PPWA. We're an informal group for women fly fishers in the southern Colorado region.


Fly fishing has traditionally been a very male-dominated sport, but we know that there are many women who enjoy fly fishing and would love the opportunity to meet other women with the same interest. Fly fishing should always be fun (if not frustrating at times...) After all, fish happen to live in some of the most beautiful places, many of which we can easily access here in southern Colorado.


We want to provide a forum to encourage and support women who fly fish – as well as a social network to meet and fish with other women anglers. Toward this end, we host monthly fishing outings during the spring and summer months, as well as social and educational events year-round. While our mission is not to teach fly fishing, we welcome all women fly fishers of all abilities to join us.


Thank you so much for telling me about this group. This is exactly what I've been

looking for.  I had a great time. Everyone was so friendly and inclusive.  I'm looking forward to all the adventures we will have this year. - S.


As part of our community, there are a few rules:


1. Membership in the PPWA is for women only (probably obvious, but you never know).

2. Membership in the PPWA is free! While some of our trips (such as a guided Arkansas River float trip) may have a cost, membership and our gatherings is free.

3. The foundation for our group is built on trust and respect. Please report any concerns immediately to
4. An organization like this should evolve to meet the needs of its membership. Feedback is encouraged so that we can strive to meet the needs of our group!


To get connected with PPWA or to learn what we have scheduled, email us at: or send us a friend request on our  Pikes Peak Women Anglers Facebook page


Thanks for your interest and support! We look forward to getting to know you!



2016 PPWA Events

Check out our events and sign up today!


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Classes & Camps for Women


At Angler's Covey, we are all about getting people into the sport of fly fishing and helping them to enjoy their adventures! We have MANY opportunites for ladies to discover, progress and explore fly fishing. Whether a co-ed, women only, private, or customized class works for you, we want to help you get started right.


"What an awesome experience! The Women's 3-Day Camp was great, Sharon and Becky were so helpful and patient. Not only did we learn about the different flys to match the bugs in the water, we were taught the correct way to cast, and we all had a chance to fish the 'good water' in Eleven Mile Canyon. Loved it!"


For information on all of our learning opportunities for women, Click Here.





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