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Angler's Covey guides are not off-season ski bums looking to waste your time on the river who would rather see snow flying than Mayflies. They are fly fishing professionals, Orvis Endorsed, with hundreds -- if not thousands -- of hours on water. They guide because their true office is the river, and they live for a chance to express their passion. Everyone wants to be an Angler's Covey guide, only a few are.





Greg Blessing has been guiding professionally for over 25 years, full-time since 1991.  He has been fly fishing personally since 1967. His expertise offers access to private waters, as well as the public waterways and Greg has held his Montana Guide License (#7505) for 17 years, since 1996. Greg is requested by all ages since his focus is the fishing experience and sharing his professional techniques in a great learning experience.  His clients have returned eagerly looking forward to another fishing adventure. He has been a FFF Certified Casting Instructor for 16 years and Orvis currently offers his professionally tied flies.


Anthony Surage



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 Anthony Surage, of all of our guides, gets "the longest" awards: he has the longest hair and has been guiding for us the longest. He recently retired from is day  job of counseling middle school students. He loves to be with kids and he loves fly fishing. Anthony communicates the finer points of fly fishing well to anyone. Twenty plus years of guiding has allowed Anthony to quickly know how to take the beginner (child or adult) to catch their first fish on a fly as well as help the experienced fly fisher learn advanced techniques for catching trophy trout. He loves to teach others the art of casting the dry fly and the skills needed to sight fish. He also loves the metaphors and the poetry of the river and the whole fly fishing experience.


Steve Gossage


Steve Gossage is a Colorado Springs native and has fly fished the South Platte and surrounding waters for 30 years. He also has guided on the South Platte for 14 years. Currently, Steve is the Merchandise Manager at Angler’s Covey as well as a guide. He is an avid fly tier and has tied flies commercially in the past and currently has some custom patterns at the Angler’s Covey. Steve’s passion is fly fishing and teaching people how to fly fish with emphases on casting and presentation techniques.

Jon Kleis is a columnist for the Colorado Springs Gazette, and the contributing author for the Elevenmile Canyon and Dream Stream chapters of the new book, 50 Best Tailwaters To Fly Fish. A Colorado Springs native and full-time guide, he spends his free time writing, tying flies, practicing photography, shooting and producing fly-fishing films, sight fishing for giant carp in our many local lakes, and sight fishing for trophy trout on his home river the South Platte. A family man and angler, he doesn’t believe in limiting oneself to just one type of fly-fishing, taking time to learn how to use streamers, terrestrials, dry flies, and nymphs in pursuit of all freshwater species available in Colorado.

Jon Easdon, is a Colorado native hailing from Leadville, Colorado. He has been fishing all around the state his entire life. A true outdoorsman that loves the mountains, he enjoys sharing the love and passion of fly fishing with others. From first descents on his snowboard, to showing up to the river for a huge hatch, he has the ability to really encompass what it means to "be outside". One of his favorite things about fly fishing is that one can never stop learning. He enjoys all aspects of fly fishing from tying, dry fly fishing, nymphing, to high alpine excursions deep in the mountains. His love for this is contagious and you are sure to get the bug after a day on the water with him.


Robert Younghanz

Robert Younghanz a.k.a The Bug Guy, is an internationally known Fly Fishing Guide and instructor.   Robert has been involved in the Fly Fishing industry for close to 20 years. Having traveled to over 60 countries, he is an accomplished angler, teacher and guide for fresh, salt, tropical and warm water species. His passion and expertise in the field of Aquatic Entomology has enabled him to travel the world collecting Insects  Robert is a Simms Ambassador and Orvis Endorsed Guide and has conducted entomology classes for both Simms and Orvis guides at their national gatherings, as well as for Trout Unlimited and other local organizations in the Rocky Mountain West. You can always find Robert Guiding and fly fishing on Southern Colorado numerous rivers, lakes and reservoirs.


Juan Ramirez

Juan Ramirez grew up in Northern New Mexico fishing the small streams and creeks of the Sangre De Cristos. In 1997, he made a switch to fly fishing and has never looked back. Over the years, he has guided on the Cimarron River in New Mexico, as well as the Conejos River in Southern Colorado.  
Juan is also a passionate and accomplished fly tier. He has tied commercially for 7 years, and spends most of his free time behind a vise. Juan eats, sleeps, and dreams of fly fishing and tying. Currently a guide for Angler's Covey, you can also find Juan behind the tying bench at the Covey sharing his tricks and knowledge of the flies he loves fishing.


 Paul Martinez

Paul Martinez has three passions in his life: the top two are for his wife, Mari, and their three Golden Retrievers. Coming in a close third: fly fishing. As a native of Colorado, Paul grew up fishing small creeks with his father in the Sangre De Cristo mountain range. Paul spent 22 years as a Fire Fighter for the City of Colorado Springs where he was awarded Fire Fighter of the Year in 1995 and gained the rank of Captain. This is where he met one of his best friends and a fly fishing mentor, Neil Luehring. In addition, Paul is one of our instructors for our nymphing, dry fly, and streamside classes. One of the things that Paul enjoys most is working with beginners and seeing them catch their first trout on a fly. Paul shares this knowledge and skill with you when he guides:  "one of my favorite things in life is sharing my passion, knowledge and skills in fly fishing and coaching client/students on the water into fish and watching a new passion be born."


 Neil Luehring

Neil Luehring is the expert. Starting when he was 14, for over 30 years he has shared his passion for fly fishing with others. He recently retired from his job as Captain for the Colorado Springs Fire Department. We're proud of him for receiving the Fire Fighter of the Year for 2003. Neil has been teaching our Nymph Class for the past 10 years, and also teaches our Dry Fly Fishing and Intermediate Fly Tying classes and his enthusiasm becomes evident when he gets you to the river.


Mark Mahler

Mark Mahler is one of our fly fishing instructors, and has been teaching our nymphing and dry fly classes for over 15 years! In his "day job" as a commercial General Contractor, one of his favorite projects was building the new Angler's Covey. Mark delights in the instruction of new and intermediate fly fishers, including kids, and enjoys teaching fly fishing skills, techniques, and observation skills, as well as streamside etiquette, and outdoor ethics.


Sharon Wright  started fly fishing 25 years ago on small, high mountain streams and lakes, during her many backpacking trips in the Colorado rockies.  Since that time, her passion for fly fishing has taken her to Scotland,  several trips to Chilean Patagonia and numerous days spent fishing Montana’s rivers, however, her favorite times are still spent exploring and fishing Colorado’s small streams – many of which can be found close to home! Sharon  helps lead the Pikes Peak Women Anglers group and assists with the women’s classes at Angler’s Covey.  In addition to her fishing interests, Sharon works at Angler’s Covey as the bookkeeper.


Julie Sprinkle

Julie Sprinkle is a naturalist at heart, her approach to fly fishing focuses on the total outdoor experience. A day on the river with her might include a brief lesson on the region's wildflowers, history or geology to enhance your fishing experience. Julie is the clothing guru for Angler's Covey, an active member of the Pikes Peak Women Anglers and assists with the women's classes and Women's Camp -- she also spends an inordinate amount of time tying flies to replace the ones her husband has pilfered from her fly boxes. She especially enjoys stalking small, wild trout with her 3-weight in obscure, high-country streams.


Dave Herber

Dave Herber started his wild trout fishing in British Columbia, Canada in the 1960's. For the last 18 years he has spent much of his time learning the rivers and streams in Colorado Spring's great "back yard". His passion is casting dry flies, with the focus on presentation, and sharing that zeal with those wishing to learn the techniques. Over the last several years his fly tying has concentrated on developing effective dry fly patterns that are more visible to the angler. Dave delights in sharing with the angler the excitement of the pursuit and the wonders of nature in our trout waters.


David Caraghar is a Colorado Native and has fished the South Platte River for over 50 years. (As his last name suggests he is of Irish decent and fly fishing is in his genes.)  He has guided several seasons for the Covey.  Along with Dave Herber and Robert Younghanz, he is one of the "official guides" at Rainbow Falls.  He is a member of the Rocky Mountain Angling Club and guides on their properties as well.
He considers the Platte River to be his home water and is comfortable guiding in Elevenmile Canyon, The Dream Stream, Antero and Spinney Reservoirs. He often works together with Dave Herber as a team and they have a great deal of fun guiding together. 

David Leinweber


David Leinweber, the owner of Angler's Covey, finds himself often tied to responsibilities at the store. But with a little persuading he is eager to share his experience with you on the stream. He particularly likes to work with the beginner fly fisher.

Kevin Leonard was born in Leadville Colorado. He grew up exploring and fishing the mountain streams of Buena Vista, Leadville and Summit County.  He has spent many seasons fly fishing the warm waters of Southern California, catching everything from bass to catfish on the fly. His passion is throwing dry flies to native cutthroat high in the mountains with his dog Charlie Brown. He is always smiling and will do whatever it takes to make you smile as well.    



Jim White (The Rev. Dr. Ret.) is the “Senior” Guide at the Covey,  meaning he’s the oldest ghillie in the stable. He’s actually been fishing the waters of the central Colorado since he was three and with a fly rod since he was twelve. He’s taught hundreds of people to cast-and-catch. In recent years Jim has concentrated on lake fishing, especially in the Spinney/Antero Reservoirs and the close-by Rainbow Falls Lakes.

Jerry Griffin started fly fishing at the tender age of six on the famed Beaverkill River in the Catskill Mountains of New York. He tied his first fly at 12 years old with a basic kit he received from his dad for his birthday and has literally been hooked ever since. Jerry’s wife, June, was the first to get him out on the South Platte River in Elevenmile Canyon in the Spring of '85 when, being new to the area, she wanted to explore more of Colorado. In addition to guiding, Jerry leads a small group through his local church called "Fly Fishers of Men," introducing men of all ages to the great sport of fly fishing by providing free fly casting and fly tying instruction to those interested, and leading fly fishing trips throughout the year. Jerry is also very active volunteering in our local Project Healing Waters chapter as the IT Committee Lead, and as a tying instructor and fly fishing guide to many Wounded Warriors. Jerry served on the Cheyenne Mountain Chapter of Trout Unlimited as VP of Communications from August 2010 to April 2012.


Deborah Jo Mance gets excited when she talks about guiding, particularly when she’s talking about teaching beginners. She is always excited to share her knowledge of the sport, and she’s thrilled every time her students catch fish. “It's more challenging, unpredictable and fun to catch fish through the hands of a beginner! And if they are excited and empowered to come back to the river and fish confidently on their own, I have done my job.” Deborah Jo is also an outdoor writer, and shares her experiences, tips and fly fishing parables on Deborah Jo has been fly fishing and fly tying in Colorado for 15 years.

Janine Young started fly fishing when she moved to Colorado with husband and 2 boys, 16 years ago.  Janine loves the outdoors, especially fishing.  Growing up, she was glued to the television set on Saturday mornings watching fishing shows in all the locations around the world.  Moving to Colorado, she was finally able to enjoy the sport of fly fishing she grew up watching.  Now, she and her husband Jim and on a stream every chance they get.  The last several years, they've fished from the San Juan river in New Mexico to the Big Horn in Montana.  Janine enjoys introducing beginners to the contemplative art of fly fishing, as well as the streams and fish that have captured her heart.  Janine has been a mentor/guide for a women's Project Healing Water's trip.  In addition to fly fishing, Janine works with The Navigators, People Resources Team offering staff care.  Her other passion in life…sitting with friends, listening to and sharing life stories.

Jim Young's love for the outdoors is both a passion and a profession.   During a nearly 20-year career with Ducks Unlimited, Jim traveled all across North America hunting and fishing.

Today, Jim has been flyfishing for nearly 20 years.  With a background in coaching and training he especially enjoys helping fisherman improve their skills.  Whether first timers to the sport, or those who just don’t get on the stream as much they’d like, Jim focuses on providing clients with both a successful day and learning that will produce future success for the angler.  One of his favorite opportunities is to partner with his regular fishing partner his wife Janine (also one of our guides) in guiding couples.

Jim continues to live out his commitment to conservation serving as a board member for TU locally and consulting with other national conservation organizations.    

Kenny Romero, a Colorado native learned to fly fish in the high country lakes of the Sangre de Cristo mountain range.  Kenny fishes Colorado rivers throughout the winter, but when ice off occurs, you’re sure to find him fishing on his pontoon boat or from shore, most likely at Spinney Mountain Reservoir.  Kenny has developed a deep knowledge on how to catch some of South Parks biggest and meanest Rainbows, Browns, Cutthroats and Pike.  Kenny has a passion to  share the knowledge he’s gained to fly fishers wanting to explore a new kind adventure and joy fishing on Stillwater. When not fishing, Kenny is either managing renewable energy programs or running on one of Colorado Springs many running trails.

DJ Zimmerman, a Colorado native, has been obsessively roaming the still-waters of the Rocky Mountains chasing the ultimate angling rush.  He has guided for 3 years and carries 18 years of experience in still-water fly fishing at Spinney Mountain, Antero, and Eleven Mile Reservoir.  His passion is the excitement of double and triple hook-ups on the fly rod while drifting the gold metal waters of Spinney Mountain Reservoir.  DJ has a true love for fishing which led him to Florida, where he spent a year learning new strategies and techniques while kayaking the open ocean and saltwater flats catching 100 lb tarpon and sharks. 

Gary "Karbo" Karbousky caught his first trout from small brooks and streams in New England where he grew up "a long time ago".  He moved to Colorado in the mid-70s and he's never considered leaving his favorite hunting/fishing grounds.  A retired USAF and aerospace worker, he now devotes his time to working in the "Fly Shop" and fishing with his buddies or big game and bird hunting.  With over 20 trips to Alaska, Yukon Territory, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan, chasing big fish and other critters, Karbo's  passion earned him the "Outdoor Life" magazine Fish of the Year for 2000 and an insatiable appetite for trying to outsmart the local trout population.  A Boston Red Sox who doesn't take life too seriously, you're sure to have a spirited day on many of our still waters and beautiful rivers

Angler's Covey Guide Program

Angler's Covey has been a register Colorado Outfitter since 1987 and we are fully licensed and bonded in the State of Colorado.

Angler's Covey is the only fly shop in Colorado Springs with permits to guide in Elevenmile Canyon, Cheesman Canyon and the Deckers area on the South Platte River. We offer professional services with Special use permits from the BLM, Pike and San Isabel National Forests, Colorado Division of Wildlife and Colorado State Parks.

Angler's Covey an equal opportunity service provider.
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