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Clear Creek - Above Clear Creek Reservoir

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Clear Creek

Clear Creek is another one of the high mountain creeks that is full of small Brook Trout. The brookies are very willing to take most dry flies when presented with stealth. Counting the North Fork, there are over 15 miles of creek to fish. The road above Winfield is rougher, making access a bit more difficult. 

Clear Creek Colorado

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Directions - 180 miles - 2 Hours 33 Minutes

  1. From Angler's Covey head west on US 24 W/Cimarron St, go 74.9 miles
  2. Turn left at US-24 W/US-285 S go 13.6 miles
  3. Turn right at US-285 S in Johnson Village, go 17.4
  4. Turn left at Co Rd 390, drive pass Clear Creek Reservoir and pass private property just above the reservoir
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04/21/2017 @ 11:0041.8
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