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We are Orvis Endorsed, with thousands of hours on the water. We do it because our true office is the river and our passion is to show you...

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Angler's Blog' April 24, 2019 Tips for Stillwater Success Stillwater fly fishing can be one of the most effective and thrilling ways to catch large trout in Colorado. Many fly fishers overlook this fantastic opportunity in favor of rivers and streams because they believe that stillwater is too mysterious, or they just aren’t aware of the great fishing available on our local ponds, lakes and reservoirs. Fantastic fly fishing is just waiting for you in town, or a within a short one- or two-hour drive from Colorado Springs on the Pikes Peak water shed, on reservoirs on the South Platte river drainage, or on the many high country lakes “just up the road.” Kenny Romero gives the low-down for success on our stillwaters. April 18, 2019 High Flows and the Magic of the Stonefly Flows are up and will be rising more in the next few weeks. With the high snowpack this past year thanks to the snow gods, we are anticipating high flows and, depending on the warming trend over the next several weeks, perhaps a longer run-off season. What’s an angler to do? Go bigger with the bugs, heavier with the rigs, and really be careful out there as you work the banks of your favorite fishery. April 16, 2019 Chasing the Challenge And then my changed mental attitude came to me: when we go to the river, we are chasing the challenge. We may feel the challenge more when we venture to new water, or we may feel it when we try a new approach like czech nymphing, or fish more technical waters like Cheesman Canyon or, fish pressured waters like the Taylor. In fact, most of the time we thrive on those new challenges each time we take them on. View All Blog Posts