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Colorado Springs Fly Fishing Hootenanny

02/25/18 at 07:34 PM | by Vince Puzick

Less than a week until the Colorado Springs Fly Fishing Hootenanny! The first presentation of the day will be from Matt McCannel, RIGS Head Guide, Umpqua Signature Tyer, SAGE Ambassador!

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This Valentine's Day ...

02/11/18 at 07:35 AM | by Vince Puzick

If you have a fly fisher in your life, he or she is probably waiting for those three magic words as we approach Valentine's Day: "let's go fish." And just like Cupid on this day of love and magic, our Guides can make any fly fishing occasion special with customized trips for two anglers on the river. But hurry -- you have to book these trips before Cupid's arrows fly on February 14 (but you can schedule them for dates that you choose)!

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PHWFF: Two Stories Out of Many

01/30/18 at 06:08 AM | by Vince Puzick

We've posted about the great films and the great raffle prizes that happen at the Fly Fishing Film Tour (F3T). But why? It's not about the films. All of the films tell stories, but the stories I enjoy the most are the ones told by the veterans involved with Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing -- and all the proceeds from F3T ticket sales and raffle tickets go to Project Healing Waters. Two of those men over the last few years were very moving in telling about their experience with PHWFF: Larry Fivecoats and Brady Busby.

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Do the Right Thing

01/28/18 at 06:08 PM | by Vince Puzick

Integrity. Doing the right thing. Being a good person on the river. No matter what you call it, I experienced two incidents -- positive, hope-restoring, faith-in-humanity incidents -- this past Friday at Deckers that I wanted to share with you all real quick.

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Guided Trips (and more) Raffle @ the F3T

01/28/18 at 05:17 AM | by Vince Puzick

Check out some of the featured guided trips that will be auctioned off live at the Fly Fishing Film Tour (F3T) on February 3rd at Stargazers Theatre! These trips will be available for auction during the 1st intermission of the F3T. ALL proceeds go directly to Project Healing Waters

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The Faricy Boys: Bronze Sponsor of the Film Tour

01/27/18 at 06:47 PM | by Vince Puzick

Jon Easdon, Director of Services at Angler’s Covey, spoke with the sponsors of the Fly Fishing Film Tour (F3T), an event that raises funds for the Colorado Springs Chapter of Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing. Ben Faricy, one of "the Faricy Boys," is the President of Faricy Motors, a family-owned Colorado dealership for over 75 years.

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F3T: Now a Word from Our Sponsor

01/20/18 at 05:55 AM | by Vince Puzick

Jon Easdon, Director of Services at Angler’s Covey, spoke with our sponsors of the Fly Fishing Film Tour (F3T) which raises funds for the Colorado Springs Chapter of Project Healing Waters Flyfishing. Chris Hanson is the owner and CEO of 3GEngagement, adigital marketing company specializing in search engine marketing and optimization for automotive businesses across the United States.

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Five Simple Actions that Make a Difference

01/16/18 at 09:20 AM | by Vince Puzick

Simms offers five simple actions we can all take to make this a great year.

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The Dirty Dozen: Top Flies for Winter Fishing

01/03/18 at 11:50 AM | by Vince Puzick

The thermometer is saying winter conditions. You're all decked out from head to toe: base layer, a Simms' Rivershed fleece, maybe an Orvis Ultralight. And what are you going to put in your fly box? Time to check the Angler’s Covey "dirty dozen" flies for winter fly fishing.

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Reflections on 2017

12/30/17 at 02:04 PM | by Vince Puzick

At the eve of a new year, we tend to do two things. We resolve to do or try new things in the coming year to improve our lives, and we reflect on the year that is now in our rear view mirror. Jon Easdon, Director Services, shared that 2017 was “a refreshing year in terms of guiding. With fairly consistent flows throughout the year and no major drought or flooding issues, these consistencies were a welcome change from our roller coaster years before.” Our Angler’s Covey guides took some time to share some experiences that made 2017 memorable.

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Think Small: Think Stocking Stuffers

12/06/17 at 06:00 PM | by Vince Puzick

Sometimes when we're out shopping for that angling-loving significant other in our life, we get caught up in thinking about the big items -- boots, rods, reels. Instead, go small! Here are some of the best stocking stuffer ideas that round out the accessories a well-equipped fly angler needs in that pack or on that lanyard!

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Guided Trips: Give the Gift of Adventure

12/05/17 at 05:00 PM | by Vince Puzick

A guided trip is the perfect gift for the angler in your life. Whether developing and advancing the angler's skills, learning how to fly fish, or exploring new waters, a trip will get the fly fisher in your life plugged in to a new adventure. With all of the gear included, all the angler needs to bring on a trip is him or herself. Here are a couple of our more unique guide trips available.

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Guide's Gift List for 2017

11/29/17 at 05:10 PM | by Vince Puzick

Sometimes gift shopping for your favorite angler is a tough challenge -- so much gear and accessories, so little time! Heck, it's a challenge even shopping for yourself. To make this year's gift giving easier, our Guides and Staff have compiled their top gift ideas for 2017. And don't forget, Saturday, December 2 is TU Day @ The Covey.

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TU Day @ The Covey: December 2nd

11/20/17 at 03:00 PM | by Vince Puzick

Saturday, December 2nd, is Trout Unlimited Day at Angler's Covey! 15% of all proceeds will be donated to the Pikes Peak Chapter of Trout Unlimited. The Shop is open from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

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Fall / Winter Fly Fishing Tips: Dress the Part

10/31/17 at 08:40 PM | by Vince Puzick

Most of the time when we utter the phrase "winter fly fishing," we get looks of disgust, disbelief, and undesired interest. If you plan right and wear the right gear, winter fly fishing can actually be quite comfortable. Here are some tips to make winter fly fishing a comfortable and enjoyable time.

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Into the Adventure with Bradley and Mark

10/28/17 at 02:14 PM | by Vince Puzick

I ran into Bradley and Mark Smith at the Guide Yard Sale today and enjoyed hearing about their journey into the adventure of fly fishing. It all started when Bradley took the Women’s Class in early summer of 2016. Then she and Mark followed up with the 101 class. While their curiosity was high, they went on a guided fly trip with husband-and-wife team, Jim and Janine Young.

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Guide Yard Sale: Quality Gear & Great Prices

10/26/17 at 06:19 PM | by Vince Puzick

Why should you head on over to the annual Guide Yard Sale at Angler's Covey on Saturday, October 28? Well, here are three good reasons for you to ponder.

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Rachel Leinweber: Steward of the Earth

10/01/17 at 08:45 AM | by Vince Puzick

You’d think that since her parents co-own the largest fly fishing shop in the state that Rachel Leinweber grew up loving to fly fish. Well, you know how kids can be. Even with all of those fly fishing opportunities at her finger tips when she was young, it took until she was in high school for the bug to really bite.

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The Healing Found in Fly Fishing

09/29/17 at 08:58 AM | by Becky Leinweber

Many of you have experienced the healing qualities of fly fishing. Whether you need to de-stress from a challenging job or life circumstances, need the therapy of the gentle flow of water and sounds and smells of nature, or the physical strengthening of tissue and muscle following a medical procedure, fly fishing can provide so much more than a fun experience.

That was the case last weekend when we participated with Casting for Recovery for our 2nd Annual Mini Retreat for local Pikes Peak women who are survivors of breast cancer.

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Three Guides: Women on the Water

09/27/17 at 06:51 AM | by Vince Puzick

Women represent the fastest growing population taking up fly fishing. In 2012, the Denver Post spotlighted this growing trend and Orvis has launched its 50/50 campaign to get more women on the water. Forbes magazine recently featured Orvis’ efforts to cater to the woman angler in its article “Orvis: How To Reinvent A 160 Year Old Fly Fishing Company.” Three of our guides, Sharon Wright, Kristina Dougherty, and Kaitlin Boyer talk about their passion, experience, and goals on the water.

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Colorful Colorado: Fall Fishing

09/26/17 at 05:45 AM | by Vince Puzick

As we move further into fall fly fishing in Colorado, here are some photos submitted by our Facebook friends that capture this awesome season on the water. From the golden aspens to brown trout, the autumn months put the "colorful" in Colorado.

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301 Streamer Class with Steve Gossage

09/19/17 at 02:58 AM | by Vince Puzick

Steve Gossage is sometimes called “The Streamer Guy” around here. His first passion may be dry fly fishing because of the technical aspects, but he loves stripping streamers and, you know, the tug is the drug. Nothing like the trout smashing the streamer. Steve will be teaching the two-part streamer class coming up at the end of September.

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News Alert: Cheesman Canyon / Deckers Area Threatened

09/14/17 at 11:10 AM | by Vince Puzick

The U.S. Forest Service has confirmed that the South Platte River downstream from Cheesman Reservoir has been impacted by New Zealand Mudsnails. The invasive species was found at the Lone Rock Campground area about one mile upstream from “Deckers' Corner.”

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Fall Stillwater? Yes!

09/13/17 at 09:13 PM | by Vince Puzick

With the Fall season upon us, most fly anglers are turning their attention to chasing migratory fish. While this can be a worthwhile endeavor, crowded rivers, low fish numbers, and a whole lot of questionable river etiquette are the reality. My fall focus: stillwater.

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Fish the Eclipse: Tips & Techniques

08/18/17 at 08:16 PM | by Vince Puzick

Because Monday’s solar eclipse is such a rare occurrence, I checked in with a handful of our guides to shed a little light on strategies for fishing the eclipse. So, read up and don’t let the celestial phenomenon throw shade on your Monday fishing adventure.

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