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07/02/12 at 03:53 PM

While we are adjusting to having the fires so close, we have been exploring other venues to go fishing. One of the best UN-hidden gems has been the Arkansas River below Lake Pueblo reservoir. Usually, we go to Pueblo during the fall through the spring since it is a premiere fishery in the winter months. The biggest reason that we do not visit as much in the summer is because it can get hot -- temperature not fishing conditions!

I was down to Pueblo three times last week. Let me just say that it was truly hot -- fishing conditions not temperature! My clients caught a lot of big fish and so did I when the trips were over. I had so much fun that I went down there after work one evening.

Fishing was great all the way to the dam. I focused on the Valco ponds area as well as the Nature Center. Side note: it only costs $3.00 to park at the Nature Center. You can catch really big trout,then run to the bar for a margarita, and  back onto the river.

The fish seem to be the most active during the warmest parts of the day. They seemingly took anything with a beaded head on it:  PB pheasant tails, San Juan worms, Hare's Ears, Prince Nymphs, Golden Stones. They also took grey and olive RS2's and Bubble Back midges. For me, though, I was more effective with no weight and two large bead heads, usually, size 12 to 16.

Go down to Pueblo Now!

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