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Dream Stream is Fishing Well

07/09/12 at 06:32 AM by Vince Puzick

Jon Easdon headed up to the Dream Stream on Friday, July 6.  "Hatches were early...midges all over the place at sun up. PMD's started to come off around 8 am, followed by a few tricos around 9. Caddis were coming off regularly throughout the day as well. Fish were absolutely keyed in on the PMD's..not so much the tricos. I started out nymphing in the early am until fish started to rise. Nymphing was very slow to start, not much happening first thing in the morning. After about a half hour of the PMDs coming off strong, I switched to an Amy's Ant with a Bead Head PMD dropper about 18 inches below. This was the killer combination. Most fish took the dropper with a few here and there hitting the hopper.  As the day progressed, I switched back to nymphing. BH Prince followed by a size 18 buckskin took quite a few fish, and a couple of really nice fish.


I saw some great sized fish in there today.  These flows at about 207 cfs have opened up a lot more sweet spots.  I did not have to walk around much to get into fish. They are nice and spread out, in riffle runs, tailouts, and along the banks.  Best fishing time was 8:30 to noon.


WARNING: The bugs were pretty bad!  I'd say it's mandatory to bring your bug spray now. Between the mosquitos and the deer flies, you will get eaten if you don't have it."

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