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08/13/12 at 07:09 AM

One my favorite moments is when my Suburban comes to a stop at one of the thousands of Trailheads located across Colorado. My door swings open to the fresh air of excitement as my feet begin down the path of adventure. The stunning 3D visuals, complete with Anglers Covey Logostereo sound and packed with natural smells, refresh my senses. The outdoors are the real deal, not imitation or artificial: genuine.


So much of our lives today are spent consuming the virtual. Everywhere we turn there is  some new amazing app, device, tweet, or thought expressed in the virtual world. Technology today brings a glimpse of reality to us faster than ever before; but don't get fooled, it will never be the same as being there yourself.


I will admit that I am often the first to line up for that new sci-fi movie or to check out a new techno device that promises to save me time... after I spend hours figuring out how it works. But getting out and enjoying Colorado connects me with something natural to my soul. Hiking through a small stream, wading in a rushing river, or paddling a breathtaking lake recharges me. So despite how awesome the virtual world can be, it still comes far short of replacing reality.


Get out while you can and experience your own Colorado adventure!

Keep it real


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