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Two New Products: Tippet and Treatment

09/13/12 at 05:33 AM by Vince Puzick

Steve Gossage, Angler's Covey Merchandise Manager & Guide, reports on two new products in the shop.  


Umpqua's new indicator tippet comes in 3x, 4x and 5x sizes. Great for czech nymphing (click here to read more about czech nymphing!).  Bi-color 24" segments of each color. The new Indicator Tippet allows anglers to see easily when fish strike without requiring the use of a traditional attached indicator. Just tie it between your leader and tippet material for ultra-sensitive strike detection. Ideal for European nymphing methods!Retails for $14.99.

Umpqua's new Shimazaki Dry-Shake Spray lasts longer than traditional dry fly shakes. Get four or five fish out of one treatment!



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