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Fall Fishing: Be Prepared!

09/17/12 at 07:06 PM by Vince Puzick

Fly fishers new to the sport will have to keep one thing in mind when they venture out for some Fall fly fishing:  be prepared!  Juan Ramirez reminds us that Fall weather always keeps us on our toes.


While this may be something you learned in Boy Scouts, it's something to always remember when venturing outdoors in Colorado. Usually a new fly fisher learns the sport in the late spring or summer months. Through the summer,  conditions are predictable and relatively consistent.  The weather only changes for a quick thunderstorm and then it's back to great warm weather. In the Fall, though, a storm can move in quickly and dump some rain or even snow on you.  The thing is -- the temperatures don't climb back up after the moisture stops falling leaving you wet and cold.  


Be prepared with extra layers, jackets, shells and even a hat and gloves to make your day and your time on the water more enjoyable. It's easy to forget those items when you walk out of your house and it's 60 degrees with bright sunshine.  Pack a small bag and keep it in your truck for trips into the mountains.  


When you travel to the mountains, conditions can be much different and can change very quickly. Be prepared and you can not only save your day, but most importantly your life.


Be prepared! 

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