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Mindful. Deliberate.

09/22/12 at 06:30 AM by Vince Puzick

It's 6:30 a.m. on the first day of fall 2012.


I'm an early riser.  I like to ease into my day which usually becomes pretty hectic, pretty quickly with competing demands on time and energy.  My early morning starts with a quiet time, then a cup of coffee, and then checking out blogs and websites about fly fishing.  If I can't get to a river, at least I can look at some images, read some stories.  My loved ones with whom I share my life understand this is how I begin my day and they (lovingly? -- at least so far!) support it.


Today I came across this video project called A Deliberate Life.  It looks like a great forthcoming video -- one that I will be watching for when it is released.  The promo itself made me consider the choices I make each day.  How will I spend the next 24 hours ahead?  What will I contribute to the stream of life?


In the next 24 hours, I am going to head up Hiway 50, follow the meandering Arkansas River through Bighorn Sheep Canyon, maybe fish up near Salida tomorrow.  There is a bend in the river and in the highway where one's vision is tunneled up the canyon and the river is framed by orange, red, and golden leaves from the foliage on the banks.  I want to see that view today.  We'll stop at pull-outs along the way, try to find a spot or two not-so occupied, and present a fly or two to the fish. 


I like the deliberateness of fly fishing.  It focuses my attention on this fly, this water, this fish.  I like the idea of a drag-free drift, a natural drift.  I like the feel of the rod in my hand, the line on the water, the strike of a fish.  I want to hear the sound of the water.  


Just for this day, I will live mindfully, deliberately.

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