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Trout in the Community: The Fry

03/18/13 at 09:00 AM by Vince Puzick

Here's an update on the Trout in the Community project. When we last updated on February 13, the trout eggs had hatched and they were in their alevin stage.


The alevin have absorbed, eaten, their egg sac over the last few weeks and have transitioned into the "fry" stage of their evolution.  This process is called "buttoning up."


In the wild, this fry stage is a very vulnerable time for the small fish.  They need to eat a lot of food, zooplankton, at this stage because their energy level is so high.  They also become more territorial in the wild and will start to develop the behaviors that help them survive as adults: taking cover in rocks and weeds, hiding from other fry and from perdators from above.  


It's not a great video, but you can see the "fry" below.  For a closer view, come into the shop and check out the aquarium.  



 For a closer view, come into the shop and check out the aquarium.  

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