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Guide Reviews: Waders and Boots

03/23/16 at 07:51 AM by Vince Puzick


The difference between a comfortable fly fishing trip and a not-so-comfortable trip often comes down to two pieces of equipment:  your waders and boots. Our Guides weigh-in with their thoughts about wader and boot choices.  


sonic Neil Luehring: I have been using the Orvis Sonic Seam waders for the past two seasons and have been very impressed with them. So far, no leaks after many days on the river. I like the lighter weight of the fabric and find them to have a good fit, and they are comfortable. I find them easier to put on and take off than the Simms I have. I’ve worn Simms Guide model waders for many years. It is hard to argue with the durability of the Simms products. Mine are a heavier fabric than the Orvis Sonic Seams, so I tend to fish them more in the colder months. The boot I am currently using is the new Orvis Access boot. I am very pleased with it so far. Wading boots are difficult for me to wear as I have some foot problems, so I recommend using the insoles that the shop sells if you need more support or find your boots uncomfortable.


David Carragher: I have Simms G4 Waist High, G4 zipper front and G3 waders. I like the Simms BOA boots easy to get on and off. End of story. I am a Simms wader guy.

boa boots

Greg Blessing:  I like the Simms G4Z.  I make different choices for different seasons: Simms in the winter (more layers), Orvis in the summer.


g4Kenny Romero:  When I first started fly fishing I went cheap with some of the big box outdoor stores waders and boots. That was not an economically wise decision.  I was replacing waders (leaks) and boots frequently.  Turns out, a pair of Simms waders will outlast a big box store pair of waders 3 to 1.  I use only Simms waders and boots now.  I own a pair of Simms Freestone (with pockets) wader pants for stillwater (and winter fishing).  I also use a pair of G3 Guide waders and have fallen in love with my G4Z zipper waders (great for when nature calls!).  I’ve been fishing in the G3 Guide boot for years and just wouldn’t fish without them: great support and traction in all river conditions, including winter.


Julie Sprinkle:  Simms makes a great women's wader!  Not only are their waders pretty

bomb-proof when it comes to materials, their women's models don't follow the unfortunate tendency to make women's gear by "shrink it and pink it."  They actually take body differences into account and design accordingly, which means more comfort and flexibility to go out and have fun without thinking about what you're wearing. Their boots have good fit, as well. They’re built for women’s feet -- not just small men's which don't work.

women's vapor

Zack Tokach: Simms. Hands down. They've done their homework and it shows in the product! Comfort and durability and that's very important when you’re on the water day after day.


Paul Martinez:  The answer to this question really depends on what time of the year I am fishing.   In the middle of the winter, I use my Simms G4 chest waders.  The G4 have 5 layer Gore-Tex system which really helps when the water temps are in the 30’s to low 40’s.  Gore-Tex is very breathable which in turn helps keep you warm.  What can you say about Simms waders, other than they are a very good wader. 


In the spring, early summer, and cool fall days, I go to the Orvis Sonic Seam Zip Front wader.  These waders are a lot lighter than the Simms, keeping me cool and dry.


Come into the shop and check out our full line of waders and boots.  Or check our online store for great deals.  

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