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Winter is coming and that’s OK. Some good fishing is still to be had in the winter. But now that your fly boxes are mostly empty, winter is also the best time to restock them. So instead of just buying your flies, how about honing your tying skills or learning to tie? There is just no better way to enhance your fly fishing experience than to hook up on a fly you tied yourself!


Certainly, there are some “go to” flies that are better left to the experts, and size 24’s just disappear between big fingers. But there are also some flies that anyone could tie because they are so simple, like the San Juan Worm, or a Glo-Bug (egg), or a Zebra Midge. 


It’s a great experience for every fly fisher to at least get a basic fly tying experience. That’s why we have built a great tying program here at the Covey to help you learn or improve your skills at any level.


If you've never tied flies or just haven’t perfected your technique, then make that a winter goal. We have 4 ways to help you fill your fly boxes:

  1. Fly Tying 101 FREE
  2. Fly Tying 201 a different style every weekend $30
  3. 301 Fly Tying  Advanced flies and techniques $30
  4. 201 Introduction to Aquatic Entomology and Fly selection $30






Check our calendar for dates, times and availability.

This one hour introduction is a great opportunity to see if fly tying is for you. You will be introduced to basic materials, tools, knots and lashings, and will put it all together to tie your first fly! Just think of the fun you can have and the money you can save by learning to tie your own flies. If you’re new to fly fishing, or if you have been a fly fisher for some time but have not learned to tie, this is the class for you!


Cost: FREE!
Location: Angler's Covey, 9:00 AM

Materials: Provided

Dates for 2017/2018 Season:







3/3/18- Last class of the season






Registration is required. Class maximum is 8 students



Explore Fly Tying 201 and 301

Our Complete Introduction to Fly Tying 

There is nothing more exhilarating than landing your first fish on a fly you tied yourself.

Want to learn how?

Come learn how to tie flies. We teach an intensive complete introductory class to fly tying: 


Explore Fly Tying 201

We have a great line-up of Fly Tying 201 classes for you! Each one will teach you all of the basics, including equipment needed and proper uses, materials, and techniques. You will learn all of this while tying some the more popular patterns used in our region. Each class will focus on a particular category of fly: Nymphs, Dries, Terrestrials, and Streamers. Take one class or take them all; no matter what you will gain valuable skills and start filling your box for Spring and will come away with the skill and confidence to tie your own flies.


Cost: $30 per class
Location/Times: Classroom at Angler's Covey, 2 hours each

Dates for 2017/2018 season: 







3/3/18- Last class of the season

Time: 10:30-12:30 

Materials and Equipment: Provided

Prerequisite: Completion of free Fly Tying 101 class


Explore Fly Tying 301

This is the next level of tying. You will learn some more advanced styles, techniques, and materials in tying many of the top flies in our region.The class will focus on a specific fly pattern or special technique and are taught by our guides. We are home to some of the most innovative fly tiers in the country.

 Check our calendar for upcoming choices.


Minimum requirement; you need to have completed the 101 class and at least one 201 class.


Cost: $30 per class
Location: Angler's Covey, 2 hours each

Dates for 2017/2018 to come soon!

Time: 6:00pm - 8:00pm

Prerequisite: Completion of free Fly Tying 101 class and at least one 201 class




Registration and payment are required to hold a seat. Class maximum is 8 students



201 Introduction to Aquatic Entomology and Fly Selection 1-Day  Class.

A new lecture series on the basics of aquatic entomology. This class will have a special emphasis on the fundamentals of aquatic entomology and its direct relationship to proper fly selection. Learn how to connect the dots between local hatches, lifecycles, and choosing the most productive patterns while fly fishing. This is an exceptional class to take along with our Fly Tying series. The class is a terrific precursor to Robert’s Advanced Lecture and Streamside Entomology Class which will be starting up again in Spring.


Cost: $30 


Registration is required




This is an "open to the public" night to come and tie with other folks, share and learn new techniques, tips, and tricks. You never know who might show up. You can bring your own equipment, use the tools we have at the shop, or just watch other tiers. The store will also stay open later so you can stock up on materials for the new skills learned. Watch for weekly specials on tie nights! 

Call or email for more information 719-471-2984


Tuesday Nights 7pm - done




No Registration Required

 Copper John

"We may say of angling, as Dr. Boteler said of strawberries, 'Doubtless God could have made a better berry, but doubtless God never did'; and so, if I might be judge, God never did make a more calm, quiet, innocent recreation than angling." - Izaak Walton

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