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By David Leinweber, Owner

I put on a sweater today. Last weekend I put away my shorts in that box marked "summer". This time of year is often challenging as we get used to the temperatures not warming our skin like they did a few weeks ago. Changes are not always friendly or comfortable but would we appreciate spring as much without winter?

Last year we conducted a survey where 94% of you said that you didn't get in all the fishing you wanted to that year. How did you do this year? Did your summer pass you by with a desire for a few more days fly fishing a small stream, wading a river, or floating a high mountain lake and enjoying all that Colorado offers? 

Our goal here at Angler's Covey is to find every way possible to help you get out on the water more often. We want you to experience Colorado and the adventures that are ahead. Our conviction is that if you fish more, then you’re going to need more flies and more of the great gear we sell. So how can we help you get on the water enjoying fly fishing more?

Over this winter we will have a lot of changes coming down the pike. We will be installing a new business management system, adding new features to our website, making changes in the store, and adjusting many of the programs we offer. We are doing all of this with one focus in mind: getting you hooked on fly fishing and assisting you in your adventure.

So join us as we look to the future with more days on the water and bear with us as we progress through some changes over the next few months. We think you'll be pleased.

As always, thank so much for your support.


Check Out our New Video Fishing Reports

At least once a month during the winter and more regularly during the core season, Angler's Covey staff will be presenting a video report of current conditions. You can find this report on our website under the "Where to Go" tab.


Check Out the November Fishing Report Here.






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Winter Fly Fishing Streamside Class - Saturday, December 10th

Fly fishing in Colorado during the winter can truly be one of the most productive times of the year. If you are willing to brave the elements, you will often be rewarded with whole stretches of river to yourself and large fish. However, fly fishing in the Winter can present some unique challenges.

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Learn Some Fly Tying Basics for FREE

This brief introduction will give you a taste of the entry level skills you need to learn fly tying. You will learn how to use all of the essential tools, basic materials and their uses, then on to the basic knots and lashings. Finally you will get to tie your first fly! Just think of the fun and money you can save if you can make a few of your own flies! If you’re new to fly fishing, or if you have been a fly fisher for some time but have not learned to tie, this is the class for you.

Cost: FREE!
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Our Complete Introduction to Fly Tying

There is nothing more exhilarating than landing your first fish on a fly you tied yourself. Want to learn how?

Come learn how to tie flies with Angler's Covey premier tying instructor, Stan Benton. Stan teaches an intensive complete introductory class to fly tying.  This class is a two evening class, 3-4 hours each.  You will come away with the skill and confidence to tie your own flies.

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Kleis's Top Ten Flies For Colorado
By Jon Kleis

It didn't seem right not to have what could be fly fishing's most productive and timeless dry fly as number one on my list, or anybody's list for that matter.  Out of all the dry flies I have fished with over the last 16 years, the...

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Black Stoneflies are Winter Staples
Here's the latest advice from Robert Younghanz, Fly Talk's resident "Bug Guy."

Bundling up, grabbing your fly rod and trudging through drifts of snow in frigid temperatures may be considered nutty. But if you are fortunate enough to live in a state that allows fishing year round, with a bit of preparation and specialized knowledge the intrepid winter fly fisher will often be rewarded with solitude. The trick is trying to figure out what trout are eating when it's 20 degrees on the river. It’s important to keep in mind that the very nature of fly fishing in the winter simplifies the bug selection process. The insect biomass is...

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Do you have what it takes?
By Juan Ramirez

What is it that makes a good fly tier?  What makes a good fly tier a top notch fly tier?  And where do the great tiers fit in?   

I am blessed to live in an area of the country where I believe we have the greatest concentrations of notable fly tiers.  All along the Front Range of Colorado, there are fly tiers galore.  From Ft. Collins to Pueblo, Colorado, walk into any fly shop and chances are, you will run into someone who can tie.  Not only can they tie, but most of these people have been featured in magazines or books or are local fly tying celebrities.   But, just because they have been featured in a book or in a magazine, does not guarantee they are at the top of the fly tying world.  As in any sport, there are levels that these tiers are in.  I’ll get to that in a bit.  

But what do I consider makes a good tier?  I know a lot of good tiers and I tie with a lot of them.  To me, a good tier is...


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