Too Many Places to Fish

Last fall we conducted a survey of our loyal fly fishing customers; the results surprised me at first. A majority replied that a key barrier to going fishing was that the rivers were too crowded and that there were not enough places to go fly fishing.


As I began to ponder this my mind started thinking of my own experience. I am often asked why I do not fish Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Idaho or New Mexico more. My reply is that you waste a day driving to those places and that Colorado has far too many places that I have not yet explored. With over 6,000 miles of stream, 14,000 miles counting headwater streams, and more than 2,000 lakes and reservoirs to explore, when is it possible to find time to go anywhere else?...

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Where to Fish?

In an effort to expand our service to our customers we have launched a new website. One of the new sections informs you about places to fish in Colorado. We have listed over 60 places just in the the Pikes Peak Area. This is just a beginning and more locations will be added...

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Fly Rod Winner

This is our way of saying "Thank you" for allowing us to email you Angler's Covey store informations. We pass on our savings to you, our valued customers, by giving away four fly rods each year. The Winner for March 2011 is Doug Campbell. 

Last week our Colorado Springs Fly Fishing Show was so successful that I actually forgot our anniversary! Angler's Covey has been around for 30 years which is worth celebrating...
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PS. Blue Wing Olives are hatching on the lower Arkansas River!   Spring is Coming!


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