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HELP WANTED - Gardener


As a fly shop, there are many challenges to provide the best service possible and manage all the different aspects of running a business. One of the areas that we have repeatedly failed at is maintaining the landscaping around the shop. The weeds have gotten the best of us but we are not at the point where we can afford an expensive commercial landscaping service. So we are looking for solutions.


If you would like a part-time job taking care of our grounds, please contact Tim with a proposal. We are open to any kind of arrangement, we just need to declare victory over the weeds...


Email Tim at or call the shop at 471-2984.



Sign up now for these limited class offerings



In Depth Nymph Fishing class

Taught by long time pro instructor and guide Neil Luhring.

This class is an in-depth (pun intended) workshop on the dynamics of fishing the immature stages of aquatic insects. The focus is on proper line control techniques. Other subjects covered include equipment, basic entomology, leader systems, reading water, visualizing fish, steam etiquette, and how to properly play and release fish. The class consists of a classroom session and a streamside session.

August 25 and 27
Classroom Session 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM at the Covey
Streamside meets in 11Mile Canyon at 7:30 AM until 12:00 PM
Cost: $90

Sign-up today, this class is limited to 6 students.



Hopper Dropper Fishing Class

Taught by Top Pro Guide Chris Ramos

Learn fly fishing with a dry dropper rig from an expert.  This is a highly effective and exciting way to fish if done right. Chris will be teaching tackle, patterns, rigging and when, where and how to dry dropper fish.

September 1st & 2nd
2 part class. Must provide your own equipment. 
Friday evening - 6-8pm Classroom instruction on Hopper Dropper fishing
Location Anglers Covey
Saturday morning - 8-11am Steam Side  
Location- TBD based on stream conditions.
Cost: $90

Sign-up today, this class is limited to 6 students.


Streamer Fishing Class

Taught by Top Pro Guide Steve Gossage

Learn fly fishing with streamers from an expert.  It’s said that fishing streamers is how the majority of the really big fish are caught.  Steve will be teaching tackle, patterns, rigging casting heavier lines and when and where to streamer fish.

September 10th & 11th
2 part class. Must provide your own equipment. 
Saturday evening    6-8pm Classroom instruction on Streamer fishing
Location Anglers Covey
Sunday morning      8-11am Steam Side  
Location- TBD based on stream conditions.
Cost $90

Sign-up today, this class is limited to 6 students.





Ladies' Habitat Day

Women Only Fly Fishing Event - hosted by PPWA

Sunday, August 28th


Ever wonder why those trees and logs are in the river?
Why fish hang out in some spots but not others?
What makes good water for big, happy fish?
Peter Gallagher of Fin-Up Habitat Consultants has worked with streams all over the Mountain West.  He’s responsible for the Trees for Trout work in Elevenmile Canyon and will explain the hows and whys of what he does.  We will begin with what doesn’t work by looking at the state of Happy Meadows and Sportsmen’s Paradise, including improvements in progress, then return to Camp Alexander to learn from mature habitat.  We’ll touch on stream morphology, cover, holding water, and appropriate materials and additions, plus whatever questions you can come up with....
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Colorado Small Streams

Escape the summer crowds and find adventure...

Summertime fly fishing is a chance for me to escape the crowded rivers for all of the secluded wilderness adventures that Colorado has to offer. You can find Greenback Cutthroats, Brook Trout, Brown Trout and Rainbows, all eager to take a well placed fly. But for me, just escaping into the wilderness brings on a sense of adventure that allows me to truly relax. Plus the hike involved and the exercise I get is an added bonus.
Colorado has over 9,000 miles of streams capable of holding fish. Stop and read that again; 9,000 miles. That is three cross-country trips from San Francisco to New York, that is a lot of water. Most of this water is...
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