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Time's a wastin'...


Fall is approaching…

It's not too late to enjoy some great days fishing in some of our best rivers and lakes here in Colorado. But the clock is ticking…

Kokanee Salmon have begun to move out of Blue Mesa Reservoir and into the river for their annual fall spawning run. There are already pods of salmon in the Gunnison River and East River form Cooper’s Ranch all the way to Roaring Judy Fish Hatchery. The word on the street is there are a lot of big kokanee in the 18 to 20 inch range this year. This Kokanee run will peak mid-September and go thru October.

The population of Kokanee out of Elevenmile Reservoir has seen a sharp decline since 2006. The DOW in a press release announced that the die-off was due to a small parasite known as gill lice (Salmincola sp.) My prediction is that Kokanee on the South Platte this year will be slim pickins and it would be best to make the trip to the Gunnison River and the Almont area.

With the Labor Day weekend just ahead this is a great time to get out and three days of some good, relatively uncrowded fishing. With the arrival of September, kids for the most part are back in school.  Traditional summer vacations are over and the main waves of out-of-state visitors are gone.  The summer season may be winding down but for many fly fishing adventurers the Labor Day outlook is very good. 

The river fly angler might find the best conditions of the entire year. The runoff that would never end has subsided. Though river flows could still be a little above average for late August and early September, and rains might temporarily discolor the waters, they generally are clear and inviting.  A veritable buffet of insects -- both aquatic and terrestrial -- is available to the fish and as if to make up for time lost during the prolonged runoff, trout are in a feeding mood.







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You can still find some great deals on Patagonia, Simms, Ex Officio, Redington, Sage and much more as we close out the summer and 2011 products that are being discontinued. We have made some special markdowns just for this Labor Day weekend.


We will be open Labor Day 9-6.







Start on Labor Day - Monday, September 6th
9:00am - 6:00pm Everyday




Sign up now for these limited class offerings



Discover Streamside Class

Our Discover Streamside Class transitions you from the classroom to the stream. It puts you on the river with experienced instructors who provide coaching and insight into the skills needed to be a successful angler. Students meet at the shop where we help the with equipment set-up then meet in Elevenmile Canyon for a morning on the river. Topics covered include basic entomology, reading the water, casting, line control techniques, and proper catch and release techniques.

Saturday, September 10th
Meet at Angler's Covey at 7:00AM
Carpool to Elevenmile Canyon

Cost: $75

Sign-up today, this class is limited to 6 students.




Basic Fly Tying Class

This is a two-night class starting on Monday and continuing on Tuesday. The class is taught by long time pro instructor and guide Stan Benton.

This class will cover some of the basic fly tying techniques that will allow you to tie a good number of nymphs, emergers, streamers, and dry flies. All materials and equipment are provided by Angler's Covey.

September 12 and 13
Classroom Session 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM at the Covey
Cost: $90

Sign-up today, this class is limited to 6 students.






Streamer Fishing Class

Taught by Top Pro Guide Steve Gossage

Learn fly fishing with streamers from an expert.  It’s said that fishing streamers is how the majority of the really big fish are caught.  Steve will be teaching tackle, patterns, rigging, casting heavier lines and when and where to streamer fish.

September 10th & 11th
2-part class. Must provide your own equipment. 
Saturday evening 6-8pm

Classroom instruction on Streamer fishing at Anglers Covey
Sunday morning 8-11am Stream-side

 Location- TBD based on stream conditions.
 Cost $90







The "ONE" has Arrived

Sage Redefines casting accuracy with the ONE Rod...

Sage Manufacturing, fly-fishing industry leader, launches the ONE™ rod series. The ONE rod is the first precision casting instrument to take advantage of Sage’s groundbreaking Konnetic™ technology. The ONE offers exceptional tracking with virtually no lateral or torsional movement, resulting in astonishing casting accuracy that is unparalleled in the marketplace.

The inherent strength of Konnetic technology allows ONE rods to have a smaller diameter and 25% lighter blanks than comparable Sage rods. These attributes combine to provide augmented aerodynamic efficiency. Further innovations are the 70% lighter, low profile ferrules that help direct and carry energy through the rod without sacrificing strength, critical action and feel.

“The ONE rod becomes a true extension of the angler’s arm,” notes Sage Chief Rod Designer, Jerry Siem. “It offers a more fluid transmission of energy from the arm to the fly. The eye sees the cast it wants to make and is translated to the hand through the rod instantaneously.”

The fast-action ONE rod family is intended for all fishing conditions thanks to a list of high-end features. A custom cork handle is fashioned in a snub-nose, half-wells grip on the 3 through 6 weights and a full-wells handle with fighting butt on the saltwater capable 6 through 10-weights. Each handle is designed to match the exact taper of the rod providing even greater sensitivity and feel. Other details include the Sage designed round eye tip-top which never pinches or binds the line, allowing the caster to mend and cast in any direction with full control. On the 3 through 6 weights, the elegant walnut insert is perfectly married with the bronze anodized aluminum reel seat. Saltwater weights feature all anodized reel seat components. The ONE Rod comes in a new Black Ice color, which has a translucent finish and is complemented by black guide wraps and bronze trim wraps. Each rod comes with a powder-coated aluminum rod tube with Sage medallion and a hand-made rod sock.

“The ONE Rod is smooth and precise with an intentionally forgiving ‘sweet spot’ that complements widely diverse casting styles,” says Eric Gewiss, Sage’s Marketing Manager. “This helps the angler make a full range of close-in and long distance casts that hit the mark with equal ease. Being able to feel exactly what the line is doing through all stages of the cast gives anglers ultimate control so they can make the micro-adjustments needed to place the fly precisely where it’s wanted.”

Already award winning, the ONE rod has been recognized as the “Best New Fly Rod” at EFFTEX 2011 earlier in the summer in Amsterdam. And last month it won “Best New Fly Rod” at the International Fly Tackle Dealer Show.

Angler’s Covey now has a few model of the ONE rod in stock for you to test for yourself on our casting ponds. There will be available at 22 single hand models ranging from 3 through 10-weights and will be priced from $715 to $740.

About Konnetic™ Technology:

Konnetic technology, the most recent and significant evolution in fly rod innovation, uses new materials combined with pioneering manufacturing methods and processes. This technology incorporates an optimized ratio of Sage’s proprietary resin to exclusive high modulus aerospace-grade carbon fiber.

The latest construction methods include Sage’s Advanced Modulus Positioning System (AMPS); a process that precisely aligns and positions carbon fiber materials to exacting tolerances for the greatest blank strength delivering extremely efficient energy transfer throughout the shaft. Using Sage’s High Compression Molding process, carbon fibers are compacted for optimum density and precise alignment while simultaneously fusing the 50% lighter all-carbon fiber inner core. 


Test Cast the ONE today at Angler's Covey.


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