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Janine Young

Janine grew up in Kentucky and started fishing as a young girl on her Aunt’s farm pond. Her grandmother taught her how to put a worm on a hook…needless to say she’s enjoyed fishing ever since. She started fly fishing when her husband and two boys moved to Colorado. Their favorite trip was to Yellowstone for fall break. It’s been 20+ years now and their family still enjoys fishing together.
Janine enjoys sharing her love for fly fishing especially with other women and beginners sharing her passion for nature, the beauty of a mountain stream and catching something wild in a wild place. Helping to watch a fly hit the water and see a trout take the fly transports you to another place, away from the cares of normal life.

Some more information about Janine:

Earliest fishing memory: Aunt Donna’s pond. We caught blue gill on worms and I had to put the worm on the hook by myself. Grandma taught me that if I spread the worm out of the ground and smacked it lightly a few times it would stun them and they wouldn’t wiggle so much putting them on the hook. It worked!
Favorite fishing story: One of our early fishing trips to Yellowstone we were fishing in the Lamar Valley. My youngest son, who at the time was about 9, and I were fishing below my husband Jim. We worked our way up to Jim over time and wondered what kept him in place so long. Jim was fishing to fish that were holding under a boulder on this beautiful stream that was so clear. Every now and then one of the fish would come up to the surface and take something off the top. I sat down and put new leader on and a new fly. Jim was going to take a break so I fished the spot for a moment. First cast, I put the fly nice and gently on the water surface and floated a beautiful drift right over the fish. This beautiful rainbow came up and took my Royal Wulff as beautiful as you could imagine. Needless to say, my husband was very upset with me. However, I was so encouraged by this beautiful scene and catching this beautiful trout. We women can fish!
Favorite “Go To” fly for the South Platte: Nymphing – size 20 WD40, CDC Loopwing Emerger size 20 gray, RS2 Black size 20
Technique I am passionate about: Being able to cast off shoulder, meaning that if you’re right handed being able to cast over your left shoulder instead only your right shoulder. This helps in so 

many situations: if there are trees or brush behind you, to get the fly in the right location to feeding fish with the right angle, or if fishing while floating in a drift boat to get the fly on either side of the boat without getting tangled with the other angler's line who is in the boat with you.
Favorite “Off The Grid” fishing location: I don’t have a favorite “off the grid” one but I do have some favorites that we have enjoyed fishing like, the San Juan in New Mexico, the Big Horn River in Ft. Smith, Montana, the Madison River in Yellowstone National Park.
Favorite fishing buddy: My husband, Jim

More Random Stuff:

Favorite Celebrity as a child: OK, when I was growing up I watched all the morning fishing shows and since we are talking fishing, I remember watching Curt Gowdy and all his adventures fishing. I remember thinking how I’d love to be out there too.
What word best describes you? I think…listener. I am an introvert for sure but I love to listen to people and their stories about their life. Maybe I’ll get to hear yours!
If I could change one thing about myself? I would say be more extroverted.
What is your greatest accomplishment? I’ve had the privilege of doing many different things from managing an office to hosting a radio show, but I think that sitting with people, listening to their life including their struggles and getting to know them while allowing me into their life is the greatest accomplishment for me.
What is your favorite summer or winter drink? Red wine is my preference and a wonderful Malbec any season is for me.
Where do I want to retire? Preferably, in the mountains near a stream.
What are you reading right now? The Little Red Book of Fly Fishing by Kirk Deeter & Charlie Meyers. It’s a great book full of tips and tricks. It covers everything from casting, presentation, reading waters bugs and miscellaneous in short, easy to read and implement snippets of very useful information. I recommend it highly. I am also reading Jerry Bridges' book God Took Me By The Hand. It’s his newest book and is about his life.
If you were invisible where would you go? Huh, interesting question. I think I like being visible. I grew up being invisible and I don’t recommend it. Be visible and enjoy being you!
What is your favorite TV program? Who Do You Think You Are? It’s a great program on family tree and lineage. Family history is so interesting.
What is the kindest thing anyone has done for you? I was recently on a trip to the San Juan River with a group of ladies. Well, I broke my foot a few weeks ago and all the ladies on the trip were so kind and concerned even bringing me a chair and ottoman over in the kitchen so I didn’t have to stand but so that I could be part of the conversation. It was so wonderful to be thought of and cared for.
What is my real hair color? I confess my real color is gray but it isn’t that color.
What attracted you to Angler’s Covey? Meeting the owners Becky & Dave Leinweber. They love fly fishing and the people who fly fish. When we moved to Colorado Springs some years ago I got involved with Pikes Peak Women Anglers and met Becky on a trip. She cares about every woman in the group and desires to provide experiences that equip women as well as for women to enjoy this great sport together.
You have a 10 minute speech to give at a high school, what would it be about? Getting to know yourself by being in the outdoors, becoming aware of who you are.
If you could learn to do anything, what would it be? Oh gosh, I love to learn so this list would be long and varied from casting with accuracy and more distance to philosophy.







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