Make your trip special and request a day at Rainbow Falls Mountain Trout.


Rainbow Falls Mountain Trout 
is a great fly fishing ranch to guide clients for their first day with a fly rod. While learning, clients are most likely to hook Trophy Trout in Spring, Eagle, or Elk Lake. Beginner's casting is made easier on the still waters of the lakes rather than the moving water of a river or stream. There is enough basic casting and line management to learn without the added challenge of having to manage their line in moving water.

(Below) In other locations such as Rollcast Creek, where Trout Creek is coming out of Palmer

In other

Lake into Ute Lake, we teach casters to either keep their backcast high or to rollcast. These casting techniques avoid the high bank behind them.

At the "Never, Ever, Ever", the N/W corner of Elk Lake, we teach casters to cast a "Christmas Muddler" and "four-dink" (a stripping technique for the resident two foot rainbows near the bottom).

photo by Dave Herber

At the "Pumpkin Patch", located below the falls and the start of Trout Creek Mile, we teach people how to sneak up on a beaver pond and work it with a dry fly.

When I used to shoot sporting clays, each station on a sporting clay course is meant to simulate a different game bird. Each station required a different skill with the shotgun. In some ways, RFMT reminds me of those days. As such, experienced fly fishers can hone their skills at many locations on the property, each requiring different casting techniques.


Another benefit of guiding at Rainbow Falls Mountain Trout is the wildlife. For example, we get to watch Golden and Bald Eagles soar nearby as we teach fly fishers to fool Rainbow, Brown, Donaldson, and Brook Trout on little gems created in our vises.



photos by Jeff Stahnke

The Big Spring and the Trout Rearing Runs are always a highlight of any day at RFMT. Seeing the hundreds of trout from 10" to over two feet, up close, and the source of their gin clear water, one can understand why trout have been raised at RFMT for over 100 years.

All of this and a grilled lunch at Camp Goldie make Rainbow Falls Mountain Trout a magical place to guide.

- Dave Herber

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