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 As an award winning guide service and outfitter, we have over 28 different locations that we operate on. With the variety of water we have, something is always fishing well. We hold permits that few outfitters do, offering exclusive access to the famed 11 Mile Canyon and Cheesman Canyon. Arguably 2 of the most beautiful and fun places in the west. Our home water is the entire South Platte River and the trophy trout lakes within its basin. 

  The lakes in the region are some of the best in the world and our guides are the authority in stillwater trout fishing. 


   The South Platte River originates as snowmelt in central Colorado at about 12,500 feet above sea level. From its source, the river flows southeastward, then north-northeastward, and, after crossing the Colorado-Nebraska border, flows almost due east to join the North Platte . The South Platte is about 450 miles long and drains about 24,300 square miles. Our guiding operation includes the headwaters and spans over 50 miles of the river.

The South Platte River has a fascinating history beginning with the earliest inhabitants of the area, the Ute Indians, who once lived a sustainable existence in this area, off of the abundance of elk, deer and antelope. Mining was the boom historically as dreamers scoured the land and streams in search of riches.

Wildlife viewing is a nonstop attraction, with bison herds growing in size in the Hartsel area. Antelope are abundant, and the sharp-eyed visitor can often spy mule deer, elk, an occasional coyote, black bear and even mountain lion.

Birds range from the brightly colored bluebirds of spring and summer to the always-present magpies, grackles, plovers, migrating cranes and herons, seagulls, pelicans, red-tailed hawks, golden eagles and yes, even bald eagles.

South Platte River Guides


In addition to the South Platte, we also guide on the Tail Waters of the Arkansas River below Pueblo, The North and South Catamount reservoirs, and have access to many of the areas' premiere private water destinations: Abell River Ranch, Santa Maria Ranch, The Perfect Drift on the North fork of the South Platte, and Rainbow Falls Mountian Trout.



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Angler's Covey has been a registered Colorado Outfitter since 1987 and we are fully licensed and bonded in the State of Colorado.

Angler's Covey is the only fly shop in Colorado Springs with permits to guide in Elevenmile Canyon, Cheesman Canyon and the Deckers area on the South Platte River. We offer professional services with Special use permits from the BLM, Pike and San Isabel National Forests, Colorado Division of Wildlife and Colorado State Parks.

Angler's Covey an equal opportunity service provider.
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