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Position Posted 11-6-2015

For more than 35 years Angler’s Covey has delivered quality services, products and expertise that enhance the experience of the fly fishing angler. Our goals are to provide the best value possible to our customers and to promote and grow fly fishing in our community. We want to invite people into the adventure of fly fishing and serve them in their journey. This philosophy has helped us grow to one of the largest fly shops in the world. This growth has created a need for an Assistant Manager to help manage a positive, rewarding guest experience that extends beyond the visit to the store or our website.

Please read the qualifications for this position carefully. The successful applicant will have to get up to speed quickly and therefore, we will only consider those who meet all the criteria listed below.



Assistant Manager Job Purpose: Contribute to the company's profits by helping lead the team. The ideal candidate is a passionate angler, creative, guest-focused, product merchant, team leader.



Reporting Relationship: This position reports to the Manager.


Job Responsibilities:

Manage the Customer Service Staff

Supervise the Customer Service Team

  • Build the staff into a team, listening to their needs and concerns, helping them to work together and acting proactively to promote good morale.
  • Schedule the staff to ensure proper floor coverage.
  • Provide regular, clear communication with the staff.
  • Ensure that the staff are enlisted, equipped, and fully understand responsibilities in support of sales and special events.
  • Prepare task lists for staff on at least a weekly basis for projects and things they can do to enhance the store and the guest experience when it is less busy.

Train the Customer Service Team

  • Model a positive, energized attitude and strong work ethic
  • Ensure that each staff member knows what is expected of him and is equipped to perform the job.
  • Communicate training needs to the floor manager and help determine how best to meet those needs.

Evaluate the Performance of the Customer Service Team.

  • Provide ongoing feedback, both positive affirmation and constructive criticism for staff performance.
  • With the floor manager, conduct an annual performance evaluation of each staff member.

Help Develop Our Women’s Fly Fishing Initiatives

  • Help determine and  put in place ways to help bring more women into the sport of fly fishing.
  • Help grow and organize our women’s department, assisting with the purchasing of women’s clothing and accessories.
  • Help organize and run our Pike’s Peak Women Angler’s club (PPWA).

Provide Exceptional Customer Service

  • Customer Engagement: Ask customers about their fishing adventures, what they are looking for, and how you can help. Provide friendly, knowledgeable, professional advice and assistance.
  • Product Knowledge: Stay current on the features and benefits of all products by reading in trade magazines, demoing with vendors, and participating in training opportunities.
  • Merchandising: Help maintain the store appearance and accessibility of products through proper merchandising, cleaning and organizing.
  • Loss Prevention/Safety: Be aware and observant of customers in the store, inventory in dressing rooms, the fly bins, etc to prevent loss and observe all company safety procedures.

Manage the Guest Experience

            Prepare for their Visit. Ensure that…

  • The store is safe, clean, and organized, including the entryway and bathrooms, to ensure a positive first impression.
  • Products are in stock, tagged, neat, with proper signage, and back stock is organized and accessible.
  • Informational “centers” within the store, such as the hatch and flow board, are current.
  • Staff are scheduled sufficiently for floor coverage, but not overstaffed.
  • Equipment is in good working order – line winder is working, computers are up and ready, register and drawer are working, change order is completed if necessary, etc.

Manage their Visit. Ensure that…

  • Guests are greeted and welcomed into the store.
  • Staff members assist guests with questions and product information and fit.
  • Guest purchases, services, and gift cards are rung up efficiently at the register.
  • Guests are informed about additional services - rentals, classes, guide trips - and their questions are fully answered during their visit.
  • Guest information is requested, confirmed, and updated at the register and the loyalty program is explained.

Follow-up on their Visit. Ensure that…

  • Merchandise is straightened and put away if left in the dressing room.
  • Display cases and wader room are relocked if used during the visit.
  • Guests are called promptly to follow-up on orders, repairs, trip availability, etc.

Participate on the Covey Leadership Team

      Participate with other managers.

  • Share information regarding staff (e.g. hiring needs, challenges needing feedback, kudos to staff member, etc.)
  • Share information regarding store (e.g. challenges in stocking, suggestions for improvement, technology issues, etc.)
  • Participate in discussions of issues raised by other members of the leadership team.

Assist other managers in the success of their area of responsibility

  • Respect each manager’s authority for his or her area of responsibility and allow him or her to lead that area.
  • Communicate with managers any areas of concern or suggestions for change within their department or area of responsibility.
  • Model to the staff an attitude of support and cooperation with other managers and minimize efforts to undermine mutual success, such as gossip.

Work together to ensure the success of store promotions and special events

  • Plan proactively to use staffing resources to prepare for store promotions and events.
  • Coordinate efforts with other managers to ensure that there is a cohesive, team-based effort.


Job Requirements:

  • Associate or Bachelor's degree (preferred)
  • Fly fishing knowledge and experience
  • Retail or sales experience
  • 2 years' supervisory/management experience
  • Positive, outgoing, engaging personality
  • Strong desire to help people; empathetic
  • Have creativity, initiative and desire to develop and grow our women's business
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Excellent organizational and task management skills


Why you would love to work at Angler's Covey!

Angler's Covey is one of the largest fly fishing shop in the U.S. It has been the premier shop in Colorado Springs for 35 years, serving the passionate angler and beginner alike. At AC we work hard but then we play hard! We encourage our staff to get out and fish as much as possible to grow in their experience and enjoyment of the sport we promote. We are heavily involved in our local community and support a number of key organizations to help grow our business in a responsible way.  

To Apply:

Complete an application (download here) and submit it with your cover letter and resume to


See a complete job description for this position here.