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Sage ONE Fly Rods are Accurate, Fast and the Angler's Favorite!

sale sage one fly rodThe ONE™ Rod with Konnetic™ technology is a new generation of fly rod. We've pushed the boundaries of design to develop a rod with exceptional tracking and torsional stability, resulting in unparalleled casting accuracy.


Regularly $850 - $950            BUY NOW  $499


sale sage one fly rod


When you first pick up the ONE rod, you will be amazed at how light and energetic it feels. But it’s not until you cast it that the most important factor is realized: accuracy.

Thanks to Konnetic™ technology’s efficient transfer of energy throughout the blank (a result of increased torsional stability), accuracy is greatly enhanced.

You can actually feel what is happening to the line as you cast, allowing you to make small corrections that mean the difference between “Fish on!” and a missed opportunity.

Konnetic™ technology is an extremely advanced process; we’ve married the best aerospace-grade materials we could find with all new manufacturing methods and processes. The most difficult of those processes is our Advanced Modulus Positioning System (AMPS), that precisely aligns the bundles of high modulus carbon fibers along the taper of the blank for ultimate strength and straight tracking during casting. The blank’s dramatically smaller diameter and lighter weight is realized by compacting our carbon fibers and proprietary resins using our High Compression Molding (HCM) process, simultaneously fusing the 50% lighter all-carbon fiber inner core.

Konnetic Technology allows us to produce smaller diameter blanks with low profile ferrules. The result is focused energy transfer and true aerodynamic efficiency while reducing blank weight by 25% without sacrificing critical action and feel.

Meticulously aligned fibers lead to improved torsional stability, meaning the rod does not lose energy by twisting from side to side, so casts fly true.

Introducing the Sage ONE Rod - Accuracy Redifined from Sage Fly Fish on Vimeo.

"The ONE Rod offers a more fluid transmission of energy from the arm to the fly. The eye sees the cast it wants to make and it is translated to the hand and through the rod instantaneously."

—Jerry Siem, Chief Rod Designer, Sage Fly Fishing




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